Sunday, October 27, 2013

First FREE Figure to be won in CONTEST

Here's a look at the first figure to be won in the first contest. A mint in box Tomorrow Never Dies 007 Elliot Carver figure. This figure is from a 6" scale James Bond line made by a toy company called Exclusive Premiere. The figure debuted in the late 1990s.
                               As for the contest, you must become a member of this blog to win free figures.
The trivia questions will be done here on the blog and the answers to the trivia questions must be posted in the comments section under the question. Whoever sends the first correct answer is the winner.
             I am hoping to start the first contest in January 2014. I am waiting for more members to join the blog before I start a contest. So if you are interested in winning free action figures than you must join this blog. I refuse to start a contest if there is little to no interest by not joining.
                         Back to the figure. I have two of them. One for myself and the other for the contest.
My figure is the one pictured out of the box and the one for the contest is MIB ( Mint in Box ).


  1. I have this figure! The Exclusive Premiere stuff was... interesting. Out of all the Bond figures they made, they never just made a plain suited or tuxedoed Bond. I have Sean Connery in his beach outfit from Dr. No, Roger Moore in the parachute suit from The Spy Who loved me, and Pierce Brosnan in the naval officer's outfit he wore for like 38 seconds in Tomorrow Never Dies.

    We just did a giveaway on my site for one of the new 1966 Batman figures and had far fewer entries than I expected. We also did a contest for a Hellboy hat over the summer and only had a few entries as well. I'm not sure why so few people want to win free stuff?

  2. Wow good observation, I never noticed the lack of plain suited Bond figures until you mentioned it. My only complaint about these Bond figures is that the faces could have been given a more realistic look, other than that nice figures. Also technology was not what it is now back then.
    As for free giveaways, maybe the key to getting more entries may be to get more members.Nice prizes chosen for you guy's contests.

  3. I think it's criminal (yes, criminal) that no company has ever released a good, all inclusive James Bond line. This is the closest any one has ever gotten, but it's still not close enough.

    Maybe Mattel will pick it up. They like making figures of guys in suits! ;)