Sunday, December 22, 2013

WWE BATTLE PACK - Naomi & Cameron

I'm very much sure many of you if not all have heard of the old saying " looks can be deceiving" . This old saying applies to this Battle Pack, but I mean that in a good way. When observing the figures when inside of the packaging, it looks like Naomi and Cameron are the same height. However, when you take them out they are not. Naomi is taller than Cameron. I was surprised but also glad that Mattel tries to stay true to real life with these figures. For those of you whom may not know, Naomi is the taller dark skin tone lady and Cameron is the brighter skin tone, shorter other lady. Also, the Disco Ball had me fooled for a moment. What I mean is, when I first saw the package, I thought there was two disco balls, not one. It was not until later that I discovered that these were two pieces of the disco ball that need to be snapped together. However this was somewhat of a small minor disappointment, two disco balls would have been better than one. But I'm not complaining the disco ball is still a cool accessory to go along with the two figures. Also while they are in the packaging I got the impression that they were flat footed with no heels, but when removing the figures you'll discover that they both are in high heels.

Another surprise about the packaging itself is there is no mention of the team name Naomi and Cameron were given , "The Funkadactyls". For those of you that watch WWE I'm sure you pretty much know that Naomi and Cameron were called the Funkadactyls when they first teamed up . This is not a complaint from me however, just a notable mention. I'm not sure why the name "Funkadactyls" was not mentioned, you'll probably have to ask Mattel . Now on to the figures.
I love these figures. They are very well done and do not share the same bodies. Naomi has taller longer legs. Look at their midsections closely and you'll discover that Cameron has more muscle definition in her abs than Naomi. Whereas Naomi has almost no abdominal muscle definition. Cameron is also flatter chested and has more muscle definition than Naomi in the upper body also. The hair on both of these ladies is very well sculpted and does not restrict head movement, as the hair on both is made out of a soft, rubbery plastic. It seems like the only body parts they share are arms. But even they look slightly different in scale, same mold but different scale as it is very logical that a taller person would have longer arms than the shorter one. Naomi's arms look slightly longer than Cameron. Very good job Mattel in the attention to detail department.

As you can see Naomi is slightly over six inches whereas Cameron is slightly under six inches. The figures come with three accessories, or two depending on how you look at it. Two of the accessories combine together to make one, the disco ball. Whereas the other accessory is the handle for the disco ball . The instruction sheet on how to put the ball together makes mention that the surface that you adhere the suction cup of the handle to may have to be cleaned with warm water. I tested this advice by adhering the disco ball and handle to an old CD jewel case. As you can see I was successfully able to make this happen as it sticks to a clear CD jewel case holding a Microsoft Windows 95 CD inside. However the theory about applying warm water to whatever surface you apply the suction cup to has some truth to it. I did not wash the CD case with warm water before sticking the suction cup to it. This resulted in the disco ball along with the handle falling off the CD jewel case only after a few seconds of attachment.
Also, before I snapped the disco ball together , I put a LED flashlight behind one of the pieces to see what kind of special effect look it may give. As we know disco balls are known for the light they emit.

The above pic is the one with the LED flashlight behind one of the disco ball pieces. I think it is a cool effect, kind of reminds me of an eclipse.
Even though he did not come with Naomi and Cameron, how can I mention these two without mentioning Brodus Clay . On the WWE show Clay would dance in the ring with Naomi and Cameron. It was here that Naomi and Cameron become known as the Funkadactyls. I've made some pictures below posing the women with Brodus. Also I tried to do my best positioning the two female figures into dancing poses.

                                                         FINAL   THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Both figures have the same basic articulation as most WWE female figures, with no ab crunch. Hair does not restrict head movement.
(2) STANDABILITY - In my opinion I think Cameron is a little bit easier to stand than Naomi. Probably because she's shorter with shorter legs and Naomi is slightly more top heavy. Just position their legs a certain way to keep them from falling with their high heels.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THESE FIGURES ? Just about everything. Different bodies, the outfits with the lime green color along with the shredded elbow sleeves provide a decorative look to the figures.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THESE FIGURES ? Nothing. I can't think of anything that bothers me about neither figure.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THESE FIGURES ? Add an ab crunch. This applies to all WWE Mattel figures however, not just these two. However no ab crunch does not take anything away from these high quality action figures, but having an ab crunch would make them better.
(6) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of one to ten , I give both figures a 9.5. The minus is for no ab crunch. Combining both figures with the disco ball accessory gives the whole set a perfect 10. Nice accessory, nice figures.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - I have been wanting action figures of these two before the figures were made and was pleased when Mattel finally made them. I am not a huge wrestling fan but I love a lot of the WWE Mattel figures. However if you are a huge wrestling fan with a Brodus Clay action figure in your collection, adding these two standing next to him on your display shelf would give you the satisfaction of completing a small team. Since Brodus was made into an action figure before these two. Plus it's always great to add more WWE divas to your collection.


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