Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ACTION FIGURE FIGHTS - The Incredible Hulk .VS . Wendigo

No crossover here . It's Marvel versus Marvel as Hulk battles against a Wendigo . This is the version of the Hulk that came in a Toy Biz Marvel Legends two pack with his arch rival enemy The Leader . For those of you whom may not know, the Leader with hair on his head came with this Hulk figure . The Wendigo is of Hasbro Marvel Legends . I know Hulk has battled against Wendigos many times in the comics , however I wanted to display these two behemoths battling each other in plastic form . As sometimes I feel like seeing these characters fight each other as toys is more impressive than the drawn fight poses of pen and paper . These fight pics of action figures, not just this one but all of the others too, gives us action figure fans a view of just how articulate today's toys are . I hope you enjoy the wild and crazy fight poses I put these guys in .


  1. Im pulling for Wendigo in this one!

  2. One advantage he has over the Hulk are razor sharp finger nails, claws . I even tried to make him use them on Hulk by raking at Hulk's eyes with those nails in a few pics.

  3. Yeah Hulk usually clobbers, or should I say HULK SMASH , just about everyone he fights , lol .