Thursday, August 22, 2013


Marvel Select's first Black Cat figure comes with some very cool accessories, and a nice diorama piece. With it you get a diamond necklace, a plastic necklace, a bank safe, and fake money. The figure is nice itself with limited articulation. However I a more of a fan of 6" scaled figures. As you can see in the pics Marvel Select's Black Cat is a bit more detailed in the face than the Marvel Legend version from Toybiz.

The figure itself is great for display purposes only. You can not put her in fight poses like you can with the Toybiz version. So it all depends on your style or taste for figures. If you love figures that look fantastic than Marvel Select Black Cat is definitely for you. If your looking for around 20 or so points of articulation than you'll be somewhat disappointed. 
Now on to the accessories. Of all the accessories she comes with, the diamond necklace,the diorama and the safe are my three favorites. The diamond is super cool and really does look real. As you can see from the pic, the flash from the camera is reflected upon it, giving it a shining glimmering like effect. Very cool. I love the fact that the safe opens and closes. The regular necklace is okay and does kind of look real from a distance, but it is nothing compared to the diamond necklace in my opinion. As for the money piece, I feel that a different shade of green might have made it look more realistic. I think it looks cool from a distance but up close it does not look too impressive once you see the plastic sheets of dollar bills stuck together.

The diorama is excellent even though it's only half of a wall and floor. As you can see in the following pics, you can pose your 6" figures with it and have them act out scenes. Here I was pretending having Spider-Man/Peter Parker visiting Mary Jane at her new apartment. I love how the window easily opens and closes. This is the back of the diorama piece. I am showing you two different versions of the same picture, one uncropped and one cropped picture. 

The following pic is the inside of the diorama piece. This is what you'll see when you purchase Marvel Select Black Cat mint in package. 
(1) ARTICULATION - This category is not a high point for this figure.Very limited articulation. However it does not take away from the great sculpt of this figure.
(2) STANDABILITY - Black Cat has no trouble standing if you pose her correctly.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT MARVEL SELECT BLACK CAT ? - I want just judge the figure here, but everything that came with it. What I like best about the whole package are the safe, the diamond necklace, and the diorama piece.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT MARVEL SELECT BLACK CAT ? - Nothing. There are no complaints from me about this figure or the accessories it came with.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE MARVEL SELECT BLACK CAT BETTER? - It would have been nice if the safe was die-cast metal instead of plastic. The die-cast would make it look like a real safe. However I'm not bothered by this though, it still looks neat in plastic but I just feel it'd look better as die-cast.
(6)  GRADING  SCALE - If judging only the Black Cat figure itself, I give it a 9.0. The minus is for the very limited articulation, however I think it looks way better than the Marvel Legend Toybiz version. But judging the figure plus the accessories she comes with, I give the whole entire package a perfect 10. Cool figure and even cooler accessories. 
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Overall the Marvel Select Black Cat is a great action figure for display purposes, it is the accessories themselves that steal the show. When I purchased this figure at a local comic book store, I was more excited about the accessories than I was the figure itself. As I proved with the diorama piece, you can make scenes with both the front and back of the piece as the above pics illustrate. The diamond necklace is so cool to look at and very young kids might enjoy playing with the safe. It too is also a great display piece for your action figures.


  1. I absolutely love this figure. I don't have many Marvel Select figures, but this was one I made sure to hunt down. Great diorama, great accessories, and a really nice looking Black Cat. She definitely catches your eye, for sure.

    1. Yes indeed this is one of my favorite Marvel Select figures.