Monday, August 19, 2013

TransFormers -Dark of the Moon MECHTECH WEAPONS SYSTEM - Cyberfire Bumblebee

This particular version of Bumblebee is a variant , a neat looking one at that. Plus I purchased him at a very good price, only five dollars from a local Family Dollar. Here are two pics of the front packaging.

The reason I took two pics is because I want you to see all the details of the packaging. I hate how the flash in my camera blurs out some details. Anyway, back to the toy itself. As you can see it was only 5 dollars as I mentioned earlier, a great deal for a great toy. The packaging itself looks cool. I love the pic of the Earth and the space background.
   When removing Bumblebee out of the package, you can easily open and close his car doors as you can see in the following pics. All of his windows have a nice translucent orange tint to them.

And as with every Transformer, you always get their physical stat chart, along with a brief bio and sometimes pictures of other figures in the line as these pictures prove.

Bumblebee's gun has a mechanism that you can press with your index finger, allowing the gun to extend and contract. I think however, that this feature was made to please kids and not us adult collectors. After all, it is an action feature. Also, the gun securely fits into both front holes on both of his arms.

One of the things I love most about these particular TransFormer figures is that I love how the eyes glow on these figures when they are placed under very good lighting . Take a look at Bumblebee's glowing eyes in the following pic, just like in the movies. This in my opinion is a very cool effect.

Here are a couple of comparison shots. I have Bumblebee standing next to Arcee from the TransFormers Prime Series.

And here are the instructions, in order, on transforming Bumblebee into vehicle mode.

And here are the instructions on how to transform him from vehicle to robot. 

(1) ARTICULATION - My only complaint about the articulation is that his head does not look upward. Other than that the articulation is perfect. You can move his waist, hands, etc. with ease.
(2) STANDABILITY - Bumblebee stands very well with no trouble of falling over.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT CYBERFIRE BUMBLEBEE ? - When in car mode, I love the tinted orange windows and that he can be rolled across a smooth surface just like a regular toy car. The doors are fun to pose when you open and close them. The design itself is also pretty neat. As for the robot mode, I love the glowing eyes when placed under good light, and how firmly his gun fits into the sockets on his forearms. Plus he has no trouble standing and he just downright looks cool in both modes,vehicle and robot. 
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT CYBERFIRE BUMBLEBEE ? - My only complaint about this figure is his head articulation in robot mode, that he can not look upward. Despite this small negative he is still a great figure.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE THIS FIGURE BETTER? - A larger size scale would have been nice, maybe like 10 or 12 inches. However, a bigger Bumblebee would equal a bigger price tag. So maybe this scale is okay if you want to save money. But if you don't mind spending the extra dough for a bigger figure, you have that right too.
(6) GRADING SCALE - On a scale of 1-10 I give Cyberfire Bumblebee a 9.9. The minus is for the lack of upward head movement when in robot mode. 
(7) FINAL ANALYSIS - Overall I love Cyberfire Bumblebee. He has a cool design with the yellow and black trim, and he is a perfect mixture of die-cast metal and plastic. If you love die-cast metal toys mixed with plastic, than I suggest you pick this one up.

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