Thursday, January 30, 2014

FLICK TRIX - Street Hits Hard Bikes

I purchased this set at a local Big Lots. It was discounted at $5.00. I'm confused about what year this toy came out in. The only date I saw listed on the packaging was 2011. However I'm not sure if that's the date of the toy's release or the date of the actual real bicycle being distributed . You get two neat toys when you purchase this Flick Trix set . A realistic looking die-cast bike and a bus stop bench. Plus you get a neat looking diorama background piece. Also there are extra accessories available for the bike.

First I'll go over the diorama piece. It is a real photograph . In order to not destroy it when you open the packaging you must carefully remove these clear plastic strips from the back of the display. I've taken pics below to give you an idea of what I'm referring to .

As you can see I was completely able to remove the clear plastic strips without damaging the art piece. As mentioned earlier you'll have to carefully remove those strips from the back and slide them through the slits. Once this is done feel free to use the piece as a background for any action figure.
Depending on where you display a figure, the display as you can see is not without its flaws. I did not even notice the two holes midway near the bottom until I posted this above pic online. Plus minor scratches from those strips can be seen. The holes were more than likely there to hold the bench in place along with the bike. Now on to the bench. I think it is nicely decorated. If you want to sit six inch action figures on it you can. However six inch figures' legs may be too long sometimes, therefor you would have to sit many of them with their knees bent .

As you can see six inch figures can definitely fit on this bench, its just not a perfect fit. As you can see as I've already mentioned you would have to adjust the figure's posture for an almost perfect fit. The bench looks as if it is more suitable for five inch or maybe even four inch figures for a perfect fit. However I still like this bench, some nice artwork on it and it is a very neat diorama piece accessory.
Now on to the bike. It is nicely done as it is a mixture of die-cast metal and plastic. If you look carefully, the bike looks like a real bicycle.

There is a lot to like about the bike. The realism of how it looks like the real thing. Working pedals and wheels. The seat is adjustable. The writings you see displayed on it. Very cool and very well done. The only thing that seems to be missing is a kickstand . The extra accessories come packaged in a clear plastic bag.

Of all the accessories, the one I find the most useful is the miniature screwdriver. This tool allows you to adjust the bike's seat and change handle bars if you want to. The bike itself is more suitable for children action figures, since it is under three inches high. However some G.I. Joes would fit nicely on it. As you can see it makes a nice little ride for figures such as Carl Grimes from the Walking Dead series.
                                            FINAL  THOUGHTS
( NOTE ) Since this toy set is not literally an action figure, the following Final Thoughts used for action figures will not all apply to this set. In other words, categories such as articulation and standing ability does not apply here.
( 1 ) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS SET ? The bike and the bench.
(2)  WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS SET ? The bicycle not having a kickstand.
(3) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS SET ? Have the diorama background piece be free of the slits and holes at the bottom.  Give the bike a kickstand.
(4) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the whole set a perfect 10. The bike, the diorama piece, the accessories, and the bench all collectively deserve a 10 I think. Individually , the bike a 9.5. The minus is for the lack of a kickstand. The bench a 9.5. The only downfall is that I wish it was a little bigger so that at least three six inch figures could fit on it. The diorama background piece a 9.5 with the only disappointment being the slits and scratches. The accessories deserve a 10 because they had variety of how you want the bike to be displayed.
( 5 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - I mainly purchased this set for the bike and the bench, especially the bench because these type of accessories are a rare find. The background piece and the tool accessories for the bike are nice bonuses. If you want one of your action figures to own a bicycle, especially children action figures, I recommend this set for you. Need some extra props for scenery displays ? Then the bench would be nice for a park setting or sidewalk scene. Need a background to display some small action figures? That feature is available too. I'm glad I purchased this product because you get so much for such a small price.


  1. I see these in stores here and there and am always interested in them but i never pull the trigger but at a Big Lots price i might have to if i find a bike i really like.

  2. Yeah Big Lots is the way to go for discounted toys. Along with various dollar stores.