Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MARVEL LEGENDS - Rocket Raccoon Series - Wrecker

Wrecker is a pleasant surprise to purchase and add to your Marvel Legends collection for several reasons. One is you'll be purchasing the leader of the Wrecking Crew, as we get closer to completing one of Marvel's elite villain teams. Second he is a physically powerful villain with a powerful weapon . It's always good to purchase characters with special weapons, allowing some nice fight poses with their weapon . Overall the figure is neatly done with good attention to detail. You can see the wrinkles in his jacket, and his facial expression fits him perfectly, with a psychotic angry look on his face. The facial expression on Wrecker's face in my opinion somewhat illustrates what his personality is like in the comics.

As you can see on the packaging , the variant for Wrecker is one of his henchmen , Bulldozer, whom we have yet to see at the time of this writing. The term Hasbro now uses when referring to variants in the Marvel Legends line is "running change". When you remove Wrecker from the packaging you'll find out that he's quite a tall figure, just a tad bit over seven inches, almost eight inches tall.
My favorite luxury of having figures with weapons is the option or options of how to pose them with their weapon / weapons. Should they hold the weapon with one hand or two hands / both, left hand or right, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

Since Wrecker's crowbar is not that long of a weapon, I think it looks better having him hold it with one hand rather than two. Unless the weapon is real long, it just does not look right holding a short weapon or one that is not very long with one hand in my opinion . Speaking of Wrecker's crowbar, it is made of hard plastic and is nicely detailed with scars , dents, and bruises. This is very neat , kind of showing us a glimpse of what that crowbar has been through with all the fights and battles Wrecker has been involved in. Plus I like the fact that the crowbar is made of a hard plastic, rather than a soft bendy rubbery type. Since it is a hard weapon, hard plastic makes sense.
Other than his weapon, Wrecker comes with two build-a-figure pieces for Rocket Raccoon . Rocket's head and his gun are available with Wrecker. Along with an instruction sheet for assembling Rocket Raccoon together. ( NOTE ) I thought that all of the instruction sheets were the same. But when I looked back over the one that came with Jean Grey it showed where the parts she came with goes. I'm sure the same bodes for the other figures that come with Rocket Raccoon pieces. I threw the instruction sheets away after I scanned them. Sorry, my bad. I want let this same mistake happen again, or with Bulldozer when I review him in a future article. When he arrives that is. The instruction sheet for Rocket Raccoon with Bulldozer should be the same one that comes with Wrecker, since they are variants of each other.
As I mentioned earlier, one of the luxuries of having an action figure with a weapon, especially any weapon that is not a gun, is the luxury of multiple fight poses and attacks. With guns the posing options are somewhat limited, because only shooting poses are available. Whereas with swinging weapons, such as swords, axes, hammers,etc. or in Wrecker's case crowbars, swinging weapons allow for some very neat attack and strike poses.

As you can see Wrecker can use his crowbar to swing at his foes, choke them , etc. This is fun and I enjoyed displaying these figures in these fight poses. Speaking of fighting , Wrecker the comic book character has gone up against a lot of Marvel's top heroes. I know there's still a lot of you that miss having Marvel Legend figures come with comic books like they did in the Toybiz era. So to make up for that, whenever I review a secondary character such as Wrecker I'll tell you maybe one or two issues that you may want to check out featuring the character at their best. The following are two issues that contain Wrecker that you may want to purchase, Iron Man #251 Acts of Vengeance! and The Mighty Thor #171.
Seeing how tough the character is may make many to want to purchase the Wrecker action figure. As you can see he even gives the likes of Iron Man and Thor a run for their money. Two top Avengers at that which makes it even more impressive.
                                                      FINAL    THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - The only point of articulation that is a letdown in my opinion is that his collar restricts his head from looking up. Everything else is perfect.
(2) STANDING  ABILITY - Despite being somewhat top heavy Wrecker stands very well with no balance issues.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS FIGURE ? The bulkiness of the figure makes it fun to put in powerful attack poses such as hitting and using his weapon. I love how his jacket is sculpted with attention to detail such as wrinkles, along with his collar. The crazy man psychotic look on his face is a plus. And I love his crowbar. It is neatly done with the reasons I mentioned why above in this article.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS FIGURE ? I could not think of anything that I dislike about this figure.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS FIGURE? A softer collar on his jacket would have allowed his head to look upward.
(6) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this figure a 9.9 . A nearly perfect action figure. The minus is for the collar restricting the head to look upward.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - When I saw Wrecker at a local Wal-Mart I was excited to purchase him for the following reasons. The thought of completing or nearly completing an elite team, be it a hero team or a villain team, provides a sense of closure when trying to complete a certain team. He is a cool looking action figure, I think his purple and green color design is neatly done. Plus it feels good to add a powerful tough character to your collection such as he, since he has fought and nearly defeated some of Marvel's best super heroes. You too will be glad to add this leader of the Wrecking Crew to your Marvel Legends collection.

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