Sunday, March 23, 2014

Enemy Ace by DC Direct

Here's a review of an old action figure from a few years back by DC Direct. I was in a local comic book store recently and saw this package . I was impressed with what I saw and decided to purchase . Cost me a little under 25 dollars. Not only do you get the figure but some neat accessories as well . The box art is nice too,as the packaging is hard and sturdy enough to store things in . The thing I like best about DC Direct is that they did not just focus their energies on one height scale. With DC Direct , you can get both six inch and seven inch scaled figures. I love the diversity of the DC Direct franchise. Enemy Ace is one of those characters I knew nothing about until I purchased this action figure set .

When you read about this character over on Wikipedia there are some notes of him being a German pilot in the World War 1 era . The character's name is Hans von Hammer. As for the figure itself, it fits in real well scale wise with DC Universe Classics or any other six inch scaled line . A nicely detailed figure with wrinkles on his forehead and a scar on his left cheek definitely shows that he is a man of war. As with a lot of action figures with coats or jackets, Hammer's coat is rubbery plastic which can be removed with some custom work. As the sleeves are sculpted on to the figure. Since he is a pilot I feel that his hands should be open palms so that he can be displayed in flying vehicle poses, however both of his hands are closed fists as if he's a hand to hand combat fighter.

As you can see Hans von Hammer is right around six inches tall . And I just love all three of the accessories that he comes with . A black wolf like dog, or is it an actual wolf ? Hard to tell but a cool accessory none the less. It reminds me of Snake Eye's dog from G.I. Joe . The miniature replica fighter plane has a nice red coat of paint, along with a propeller that actually turns and spins. The helmet is removable complete with goggles attached to it and a rubbery scarf like piece attached at the top .

As you can see Han's helmet can easily fit onto the heads of other six inch scaled figures, such as this Aquaman variant in the above pic . Although his black wolf pet is non articulated it makes a nice display piece.
                                                          FINAL   THOUGHTS
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - The arms only move up and down and not outward. The head only turns left, right and all around. No up and down head movement . It is tough to put him in a sitting pose because the crotch piece sorts of restricts the upper thighs from bending. The legs however can be posed outward to an exent just a little, but still is somewhat restricted by the crotch piece . Aside from these features the rest of the articulation is just fine .
( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - There are no balance issues with this figure .
( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? All three accessories along with the figure itself .
( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? Nothing to complain about , however it would be nice to have a plane large enough for the figure to fit in .
( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? Could have given the head up and down movement . Ease the restrictions in the leg movement .
( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - Depends on how I grade everything. With the figure only, I give it a score of 9.0. The minuses are for some of the articulate restrictions I mentioned earlier . As for the set as a whole, combined with his accessories, I think the whole toy set deserves a perfect ten with everything combined.
( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - If you don't own this Enemy Ace toy set, the only place you may be able to find it in person would probably be at some local comic book stores . Other than that you may have to head on over to Ebay or Amazon . Once you purchase this you'll be glad you did. You get a cool action figure with three very cool accessories . The options are multiple with what you can do with the accessories. You may want to display the plane with some Hot Wheels . Use the wolf as an ally for a custom made six inch Snake Eyes figure just in case if you do not want to display it with Hans . And the helmet can easily fit onto the heads of other figures.


  1. Never knew they made a Enemy Ace action figure so very cool.

  2. Yeah DC Direct from a few years back. They made some good figs that fit in the 6 " scale.