Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015 Contest !!! Win 10 Dollars for guessing the correct answer !!!

This month's Trivia Question involves money instead of a toy . I decided to do something different for a change . However the Trivia still involves action figures, but the prize is now money . If you win ,you must get in contact with me on how you want the TEN DOLLARS sent to you . Here's the picture for the TRIVIA .
Tell me the name of the character these feet belong to .

You have until August 31, 2015 to come up with the correct answer and win 10 dollars . Good Luck to everyone !!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Masters of the Universe Classics Sssqueeze Review!!!

Here's a late review of a MOTUC figure that came out in June . Even though his name is listed as Sssqueeze with three of the letter s , I'm going to refer to him as Squeeze throughout this review . In the 1980s Squeeze was one of the last Snake Men released in the MOTU line, just like this year he is one of the last Snake Men released for Classics . The addition of Squeeze completes all of the Snake Men action figures from the vintage line . However not all Snake Men members are accounted for, on packaging art King Hiss is seen riding on top of Tyrantisaurus Rex .Squueeze has two different versions of himself, his original look and his 200x look from the Mike Young Masters of the Universe cartoon . The MOTUC version however focuses strictly on his original look .

What I like best about Squeeze's bio is that we find out that he is not just another warrior in the Snake Men army, but has a prominent role as one of Hiss' top lieutenants . So not only is he known for brawn with his long arms, but also brains . The pic in the middle is exactly how he comes packaged, with his arms curled. A question that many of you may have about this figure is " Do the arms make him top heavy " ? The answer is neither yes or no , the answer is it depends on how you pose him . If you display Squeeze with his arms upward, he will become top heavy and tumble over when standing . However if you pose him with his arms at his side in a downward position , this balances the figure and he stands well . Another good thing about Squeeze is that he is one of many MOTUC figures that did NOT have to lose his action feature from the vintage line to accommodate Classics. Squeeze's cool looking snake weapon is the only accessory he comes with .
I'm also glad that Squeeze's mouth is open . This is nice just in case if you want to pose him biting on something . I also think that he is one of those figures that you'll be more pleased with once you have it in person, compared to seeing pics of it on the internet . On the web he may look kind of silly and goofy to a lot of us, but once you have Squeeze in your hands those thoughts dissipate . Also just like the original Squeeze figure , the armor and shin guards do not come off, they are sculpted onto the figure . Now let's have a closer look at the length of his arms .

Although individually each arm is not as long as a twelve inch ruler, but close enough . From the looks of the pics, each arm is about ten inches long . For a total of twenty inches with a combined measurement of both arms . Since most six inch action figure lines are equivalent to real life measurements , for example , 6 inches=6 feet , 7 inches = 7 feet etc ,. I assume that if Squeeze was a real creature both of his arms would be about 10 feet long , giving him an attack range , or reach of 20 feet . My calculations might be on to something as I display Squeeze attacking Sy-Klone and Mer-Man in the pic below .
                                                                  FINAL   THOUGHTS 

( 1 ) ARTICULATION - Same basic articulation as any MOTUC figure , however the arms give a new twist to this category .

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - Stands well if you have his arms balanced at his sides .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The arms gives us multiple posing / display options .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? Not really bothered by this but if you want to have Squeeze hold figures above his head with his long arms, you'll be disappointed . He along with the figure will topple over .

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? Make his legs stronger so that he can hold other figures above his head .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - I give Squeeze a Perfect ten despite the flaw of not being able to hold figures above his head , because I can easily overlook this unfortunate mishap .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - It feels good to add another member to King Hiss' army . I would have loved some combined elements of both of Squeeze's looks . A combination of the 200x version's upper body combined with the vintage's lower body would have probably looked cool . Plus the bigger upper body of the 200x version , being the chest and shoulders area , would have looked more anatomically correct and realistic when attached to the long arms . However I am satisfied with the remake of the vintage version .

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

VOTE for the next Marvel Legend !!!

Also you could win an Exclusive Ant-Man figure set signed by none other than Stan Lee himself . To vote you can click here and visit the page .
Here are the remaining four characters that you can vote for . They are ( 1 ) Symbiote Spider-Man  ( 2 ) Dark Hawk  ( 3 ) Mysterio and ( 4 ) Angela .

I voted for Angela . Reasons being , I feel that there are already enough Spider-Man figures throughout the line . Plus I am satisfied with the Toybiz versions of Mysterio . As for Dark Hawk , he looks cool but I'm just not interested in him because I know very little about him . If we were allowed multiple votes instead of just a single vote , I would vote for both Dark Hawk and Angela .

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man ( BAF ) Hobgoblin Review !!!

I have finally completed the Hobgoblin build-a-figure . First I'll discuss him as a character first then as a toy second. This is NOT the original Hobgoblin . This guy is a man known as Phil Ulrich . Unlike the original , this guy has mechanical wings on his back whereas the original flew on a glider . The face on the mask is different as well .In the comics this version of Hobgoblin also has a super power that is a screeching sonic laugh that can cause physical discomfort.  Here's a look at this Hobgoblin figure complete.
Here you see him with everything that is supposed to belong to him except for the orange fireball accessory. I could not figure out how to make it fit into either of his hands at the time I took the above pic but figured it out later .The fireball accessory fits better into his left hand, the tailend of the fireball can be used like a handle. The flaming sword can easily fit into either hand.
Back to this version of Hobby as a character for a moment . Unlike the original , this Hobgoblin sometimes worked for the Kingpin of Crime AKA Wilson Fisk , whereas the original Hobgoblin was a loner and worked by himself. Also this version of Hobgoblin has fought against super heroes other than Spider-Man . I have this issue of "Herc" where he's also showing that he is a pretty good fighter . See in the pics below.

You must purchase the second issue of " Herc " if you want to see the whole story of the above comic. As you can see this Hobgoblin is pretty good at hand to hand combat, giving this former Avenger a good beating . Now back to the toy. Below is a closer look at his wings from the back . 
Unfortunately the wings are not articulated, however they look cool. If you look closely you can see scratches on the wings. The handle for his sword is a nice homage to the comics, because in the comics , the flame is not always there. It must be activated before it is displayed, than comes out of the handle's holster . Similar to the way light sabers operate from the Star Wars franchise . Now for a comparison shot of this Hobgoblin being compared to the original Hobby from Toybiz . 
I could not find my old Toybiz Hobby for a side by side shot. Plus I did not have the extra free time to look for him ,so I just compared the new Hobby to this old picture I took of my original Toybiz Hobgoblin figure. As you can see when viewed side by side, there are many differences . I was shocked to see so many differences despite the similar color scheme of both characters. The differences are orange boots compared to dark blue ones , a cape compared to wings, as for the head the new Hobby features pointy ears whereas the old one does not feature any ears . Now for a comparison shot of the new Hobgoblin to the Spider-Man figure that is in the same toy series. 
Pictured above is one of the figures that you need to purchase to complete Hobby. I have not yet reviewed this Spider-Man figure yet but will . 


( 1 ) ARTICULATION - Hobby has perfect all around articulation and it is the same basic articulation as any normal Marvel Legend Hasbro figure . The hood somewhat restricts head movement a little. 

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - The wings make him a little top heavy, so you would have to adjust his legs by pulling one slightly behind the other for a proper stance. He stands well once the legs are properly adjusted. 

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? I'm mainly glad this version of Hobgoblin is made mainly because I think he is a cool super villain . He has an impressive super power with his sonic laugh and as we saw that he is also a good fighter . Toywise, I love the flaming sword accessory and the wings. 

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? I wish the hood did not restrict the head movement . Other than this flaw I'm okay with the figure overall.

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? Articulate the wings, make the hood removable. As a matter of fact it actually is removable, if you cut his ears off you can remove the hood . The ears hold his hood in place. However, many of us fans do not want to mess up our action figures like that, unless you're a customizer . 

( 6 ) GRADING SCALE - I would give a Perfect 10 but because of the issue with the hood restricting head movement a little, I think a 9.8 is generous .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - I'm glad to finally have this guy as a Marvel Legend because I have been dreaming about him as a Marvel Legend action figure since I first saw him in the comics. I did not imagine him being a build-a-figure though, I thought he was just going to be a normal regular Marvel Legend . However, build-a-figure or regular figure, it's great to have a newbie villain from the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Rogues Gallery. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A look back at a few highlights of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con .

Even though I did not go to San Diego, from what I saw on the internet, this year's SDCC blew me away . So much cool stuff . Masters of the Universe Classics caught my attention the most . The big surprise to me and a lot of others is the announcement of Snake Mountain . Unlike the old vintage 1980s version, it has a mixture of elements from the Filmation toon along with the vintage version . Also there is a new subscription called " Collector's Choice" . This subscription is for the new figures in 2016 . You can place your order by clicking this link .  The following are a few pics courtesy of  . Shown below are a few pics of some Marvel Legends and Masters of the Universe Classics.

It's great to see a new Task Master figure . It looks as if he's coming with alternate heads. Mocking Bird makes her debut for the first time. If you missed coverage of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con , you can check out these two great toy websites for coverage (1) Toy News International  at and the (2) Fwoosh at  .

Saturday, July 4, 2015

HAPPY 4th of JULY 2015 !!! A look back at last year's tribute.

Happy 4th everyone !!! Could not think of any new material to come up with this year so here's a look back at last year's Independence Day tribute , just in case if some of you missed it here it is in the following link -

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here's the answer to the May 2015 Contest.

Unfortunately no one was able to come up with the answers to the May 2015 Contest .
                           Here's what was shown .
                   And here is the answer ................
It's the top of the hat that the baby from the toy line called " Happy Worker" is wearing . Good luck to all in the next contest .