Sunday, June 29, 2014


Another DC versus Marvel crossover . Bat-Man, a man who knows over a hundred different fighting styles versus Bullseye, a man that can murder someone by throwing a pencil at them . Plus this time I have inserted a background I found off of the web . A fruit stand . I think Bat-Man would win if they met, however Bullseye is not a foe to be taken likely himself, as he has defeated characters such as Elektra in the comics. The ground you see displayed is a cropped image of a Tech Deck playset . Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ACTION FIGURE FIGHTS - The Incredible Hulk .VS . Wendigo

No crossover here . It's Marvel versus Marvel as Hulk battles against a Wendigo . This is the version of the Hulk that came in a Toy Biz Marvel Legends two pack with his arch rival enemy The Leader . For those of you whom may not know, the Leader with hair on his head came with this Hulk figure . The Wendigo is of Hasbro Marvel Legends . I know Hulk has battled against Wendigos many times in the comics , however I wanted to display these two behemoths battling each other in plastic form . As sometimes I feel like seeing these characters fight each other as toys is more impressive than the drawn fight poses of pen and paper . These fight pics of action figures, not just this one but all of the others too, gives us action figure fans a view of just how articulate today's toys are . I hope you enjoy the wild and crazy fight poses I put these guys in .

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ACTION FIGURE FIGHTS - Marvel/DC Crossover Iron Fist .VS. Bane

Here's a crossover fight between one of the toughest heroic fighters in the Marvel Universe, Iron Fist, versus one of the toughest villain brawlers from the DC universe in Bane . And for those of us that read comics , we all know that Bane at one time broke Bat-Man's back . If he could do that to Batty , I imagined how he would fare against Iron Fist . The Bane figure is from the old DC Superheroes line and of course Iron Fist is a Marvel Legend which I'm sure many of you if not all already know . I threw in an extra figure to act as one of Bane's thug buddies to help him out at the end. That figure is an old Road Dogg Jesse James figure from the old WWE Jakks Pacific line. Who do you think would win between these two great fighters of DC and Marvel ?Enjoy the pics .