Monday, September 9, 2013

Marvel X-Men Movie Storm by Toybiz

This Storm figure comes from the Women of X box-set that came out several years ago by Toybiz. This is the Halle Berry version of Storm from the movie franchise. She can also be purchased individually . She is not as articulate as the comic book version of Storm . As for Halle Berry, she's an excellent actress however I feel that lookwise she was not the right choice for Storm. She does not look like the character at all in my opinion. I think Halle makes a better Vixen from DC Comics than she does Storm. Someone like Naomi Campbell, who is tall like the Storm character plus has more physical features similar to the character such as long hair probably would have been a better choice visually. As for the figure itself , because of the limited articulation it is better of as a display piece rather than configuring it into different poses. Check out these comparison shots and you'll see how different Halle is from the actual Storm character.

As you can see the in the height difference that Halle is much shorter than the character, which Marvel lists at 5"11. Her skin tone is not as dark as the character nor is Storm an American, she's supposed to be African. Despite the fact that the movie company did not stay 100% true to comic origins, Halle still did an excellent job bringing the character to life. Back to the figure, as you can see it is a spitting duplicate image of Halle. And Toybiz unlike some other toy companies, always did a good job of having people or characters correctly proportionately scaled at their correct height, as the above pics prove.
     Other than the figure itself, movie Storm comes with a very neat light up accessory. Just place her on the base, there's an on/off switch that allows you to create the special effect of Storm's lightning powers. A switch on the back of the accessory allows you to move Storm's right arm up and down,as if she's activating her powers.

In my opinion, this is one of the best accessories in action figure history!!! That's saying a lot. The figure itself is not bad either. It is nicely sculpted looking very much like the actress as I already mentioned, and I like the idea that everyone can pretend that the figure is either Halle Berry or Storm. If you've always wanted an action figure of Halle Berry, this is the perfect figure to customize. All you'd have to do is paint her hair black. Maybe give her a different outfit and sculpt her hair in case you like Halle's short hair styles.

                                                          FINAL  THOUGHTS
 (1) ARTICULATION - The articulation is somewhat basic and robotic. It is not of normal Marvel Legend articulated style.
(2) STANDABILITY - Sometimes you may have to lean her against a wall to make her stand, unless you pose her a certain way like I did in the above pic. She was really made to stand on the base of her accessory however and not on her own.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS VERSION OF STORM ? Perfect likeness of Halle Berry!!!The cape is nice too, along with the super cool light up accessory.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS VERSION OF STORM ? I wish the legs and arms had just a bit more articulation.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE THIS STORM FIGURE BETTER? A few more added points of articulation.
(6) GRADING SCALE - Figure only - I give it a 9.0. It is an excellent figure despite the limited articulation. If it did not look like Halle Berry I would've gave it a lower score. But the perfect likeness to Mrs. Berry skyrocketed the score. Now with the figure combined with the accessory I give them both a perfect 10. The accessory combined with the figure makes a perfect score.
(7) FINAL ANALYSIS - Despite the limited articulation, you will not be disappointed for those of you who may not own this figure. If you don't have this version of Storm already, I recommend you purchase her with the accessory rather than just the figure by itself. It makes a fantastic display piece on any shelf and the figure is perfect for customizers that want to transform Storm into Halle Berry or some of Halle's other characters from her other movies.           

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