Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Masters of the Universe Classics - Clawful

I remember the first time I saw Clawful . Not as an action figure, but as a cartoon character. I first saw him on the old Filmation MOTU series. When the toy came out it looked very much different from that Filmation version. Just about everything was different. The armor, the size of the claws,etc. I remember not being disappointed with the vintage figure despite the fact it looked nothing like the cartoon. I was pleased with the figure along with his claw snapping action feature. That was then as a kid. Today as an adult I have the same admiration for MOTUC Clawful.

From now on I may start making two profile pics of every figure. One pic showing them without weapons and the other pic with their weapons, like I did with Clawful here. This'll give everyone an insight on to rather figures look better being posed with or without their weapons or accessories.
Back to the figure, I was kind of wishing that his stature would be similar to the early 2000's version of the character. I feel that his arms need to be bigger and wider to match his claws, especially his right claw. Remember the 1980's version of Fisto and Jitsu had larger arms than most of the other MOTU figures because it just would not look right if they had normal sized arms to match those big hands. The feeling is mutual with Clawful.
Speaking of Clawful's right claw, it still has snapping action, just like the vintage figure. However, unlike the vintage figure you can maneuver the right claw piece in a circular motion, allowing you to pose him in various attack poses, as shown in the pics below with Snout Spout and Man-E-Faces .

The above pic looks as if Clawful could crush the bones in Man-E-faces' wrist, possibly breaking it. One of the most fun things to do with MOTU Classics is posing them in fight / battle poses.
Even though most of Clawful's look is based on his vintage figure, some tidbits from the early 2000's version were implemented as well. As you can see the red skin blends in with his tan skin tone, along with the crab like shell on his back as shown in the pic below. I love the inclusion of the shell, it makes him look more crablike compared to not having it.
As for Clawful's bio, I love it as well. My favorite bits of information from it is the mentioning of him saving Beast Man's life from some kind of sea monster and that Evil Lyn had a magic spell placed on him to increase his intelligence. I like this information because it kinds of connects the Filmation MOTU series with the Mike Young Productions MOTU series.
You see, for those of you whom may not know, Clawful was portrayed as a simpleton in the Mike Young toon, whereas in Filmation he was cunning and clever.
                                                         FINAL  THOUGHTS
(1) ARTICULATION - Clawful has the basic MOTUC articulation. Not to mention that his right claw now swivels, which in my opinion is a plus from the original vintage figure.
(2) STANDABILITY - The figure stands well with no balance issues. The right claw does not make him top heavy.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT CLAWFUL ? - The right claw now swivels, allowing various posing options.
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT CLAWFUL ? - My only complaint about this figure is the same one I had about the 1980's vintage one. Which is " I wish that his left claw was articulated too ". Sigh. Oh well, as they say, can't win them all.
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE CLAWFUL BETTER ? Very simple.A left articulated claw.
(6) GRADING SCALE - On a scale of 1-10 I give Clawful a 9.0. My only gripes being that I wish his upper body was a little more buff like to match his early 2000's look, and the left claw still not being articulated. Other than that he is a great action figure.
(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Overall the negatives do not take away from the positives of the coolness of this figure. I think it looks cool and is one of the very few MOTU Classic figures to have their old action feature work the same way today as it did back then . The snapping claw action adds to the cool factor of the figure. If you don't have Clawful, I recommend you head on over to Red Lobster ( UHH ) I mean E-Bay or Amazon ,etc .  for a fresh catch . Fisherman puns intended .

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