Monday, October 30, 2017

Congratulations to Barbecue17 for Winning the October 2017 Contest !!! Plus HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

Congrats to Barbecue17 !!!! Here is what was shown in the trivia .
And below is the answer .
Connor from Assassin's Creed . GOOD  LUCK  TO EVERYONE IN THE NEXT CONTEST !!! Plus everyone have a HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEN !!! KIDS BE SAFE OUT THERE !!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 2017 Contest . WIN 10 DOLLARS VIA PAYPAL !!!

Win 10 dollars via Paypal for correctly answering the following trivia .
Name the character  and toy line the feet belong to .

You have until November 30, 2017 to come up with the correct answers . GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Star Wars Black 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack - Princess Leia Organa Review !!!

This is my second figure of Princess Leia in the Star Wars Black Series . Looking at these 40th anniversary figures in their packaging bring back good memories in the days of Kenner Toys making Star Wars figures back in the late 1970s and early 1980s . A very nice tribute to Kenner and the old school Star Wars toys. I purchased this figure of Leia at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range . To be honest with you, I prefer this look of the packaging compared to the regular Star Wars Black packaging . There's just a great sense of nostalgia with these 40th anniversary packaging .

Above is also a tribute to the back of the Kenner packaging . The figures were displayed exactly like that . Now for a look at Leia out of the packaging .

This is a wonderful Princess Leia Organa figure . My only complaint about this figure is that her left hand can not hold either one of her guns by the trigger . It can only hold them both by the handles . She can hold the small pistol with her trigger finger however , but not the large rifle . It too can be held by the handle . I like the fact that she has a hoodie and there's the luxury of displaying it on or off of her head . There's also the luxury of displaying Leia with or without the robe .

 When removing the robe , you must first unbuckle the belt from the back. Then raise both of her arms over her head as shown , be careful when pulling it over her head . The original Leia figure from the 1970s Kenner line without the robe had white pants underneath, whereas this version has a bikini like outfit similar to Teela from Masters of the Universe, in both color and design , without the gold trimmings of course .
To put the robe back on , open the head slot on the robe slowly sliding it downward over her head . Then slowly insert her arms into the sleeves, and pull downward on the robe. ( NOTE ) - It is more difficult putting the robe back on than it is removing it, at least in my opinion . Remove or put the robe back on with caution .
I think this current version of Leia should have been made first , because it is her original attire and is how she originally debuted as a character . However Hasbro made the Slave Leia figure first , probably because this version of Leia is her most popular look . I reviewed the Slave Leia figure right here on this site back in 2014 , and if you missed that review here is the link to it .
Above are the looks of both Luke and Leia in their original attire from the first Star Wars film . Hasbro is doing a great job with this line. Keep up the great work Hasbro !!!

(1) ARTICULATION - Leia has excellent all around articulation . No limited points. 

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - The robe kind of gets in the way of seeing how to position the ankles and upper thighs for proper standing . However once you get that proper stance she stands well . 

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The belt, the robe with the hoodie , her guns and the perfect likeness to Carrie Fisher with the hairdo . Plus it's great to have this version of Princess Leia from the first Star Wars movie . 

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? There's nothing disliked . 

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THIS  FIGURE ? - No improvements needed . 

(6) GRADING  SCALE - A PERFECT 10 !!! Could find no flaws . 

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Even though this figure has been around for a while now, these anniversary figures are slowly showing up late in some stores . 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Let's make SUPER - ARTICULATED BLANKS from Cryptic Toys Happen !!!

Cryptic Toys is having a Kick-Starter for their Super-Articulated Blanks project . These blank action figures are in the 6 inch scale, and it would be great to have them to create your own custom made characters . Here's the link to the Kick-Starter .

Saturday, October 21, 2017

MARVEL LEGENDS - Jessica Jones Review !!!

At first I was not going to review Jessica Jones because she has already been reviewed by quite a few high profiled Youtube reviewers . However I thought " what the heck " I'll give my views and opinions anyway . I purchased this figure of Jessica Jones at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range . This is her FIRST TIME as a Marvel Legend .

As you can see Jessica is part of the Man-Thing Build-a-figure series . As a character she is also known as the lover of Luke Cage, as many of you already  have knowledge of . Now for a look at the figure out of the packaging .

I'm just now noticing that Jessica's jeans have light blue faded spots just like real blue jeans . I did not notice this when I removed the figure from the packaging, but after seeing these pics I've noticed the very realistic look to denim . Very nice attention to detail with her attire and the figure itself . I think the figure very much represents the actress that portrays her in the Netflix series . This is the first female action figure I can think of with the so called " biker chic " look . With the black leather jacket , the ankle high boots, the black leather finger less gloves and somewhat faded blue jeans, all Jessica needs is to have a six inch scaled Harley Davidson or some other brand name motorcycle posed next to her . However if you do not want the " biker chic " look and just want her to look like a regular woman , you can change that too with the evidence below .

Now from a distance it looks as if she is wearing a long sleeved sweater shirt instead of a black leather jacket . I think she looks cool either way , with or without the jacket piece . You can remove the jacket piece by lifting her arms over her head and then pulling upwards on the jacket . You must take her head off first then do this . Don't worry her head easily goes back on, because if you've seen other reviewers reviews of her such as Youtuber Shartimus Prime, you'll see that many other female heads from the Marvel Legend line can fit onto her body .  To place the jacket piece back onto the figure , just repeat the process until the final step . Raise the arms over her head again, remove the head and pull the jacket piece downwards .
Above is the Man-Thing Build-a-figure piece that comes with Jessica . The upper and lower torso .
                                                          FINAL    THOUGHTS

(1) ARTICULATION  - The only restricted movement on Jessica is upward head movement because of the hair .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - Once you get her in the proper stance she stands really well .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The luxury of adding another "first time in the line figure " to the collection . Along with her realistic likeness and the " biker chic look " .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - Nothing to dislike .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? - No improvements needed .

(6) GRADING  SCALE  - A Perfect 10 . Could find no flaws .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Now that us collectors have a civilian attired Jessica Jones figure in the collection , could a version of her in her super hero attire be close by ?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MARVEL LEGENDS - BLADE REVIEW from the Man-Thing Build-A-Figure-Series !!!

Since there are quite a few Blade Marvel Legends before this one , I've let it be known it the post title subject . This is my first Marvel Legend figure of Blade ever . I do not have the old Wesley Snipes version from Toybiz although I plan on purchasing it one day . Plus I do not own the other Blades that Hasbro made with the exception of this one . I purchased this version of Blade at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range .

 As you can see Blade is a a part of the Man-Thing Build-A-Figure series . Plus this is a comic book version of Blade, and not based off of any actor that portrayed him . Now for a look at the figure out of the packaging .

 First we'll have a look at Blade with the default head than take a look at him with the alternate extra head . In my opinion , this is an excellent figure with quite a few accessories . The only thing that I do not like about this figure is that the glasses are painted/sculpted on . I wish they were removable like the old Toybiz Wesley Snipes Blade . As for the accessories , there's his katana sword , his  holster strap along with the bullet like projectiles on the strap along with the ankle piece wrapped around his left ankle . Also the Build-a-figure piece is the right leg of the Man-Thing . As always with figures with alternate heads, there is the luxury of having the options to purchase another of the same figure just in case of being undecided on which head to display the figure with . Speaking of alternate heads, let's now have a look at Blade with his alternate head .
Now this is the look that Wesley Snipes version of Blade was based on . I think I like this version better . This head is closer to Blade's original look given to him by Marvel, and not the default head that is displayed on the figure inside the packaging .
As you can see there are multiple display options on how you want to display this Blade figure . With either the default or alternate head , or with the sword in either hand or stored neatly inside the sheath on his back in the pic above . Although he can hold the sword in either hand , it fits better in his right than it does in the left . In his left hand the grip is kind of loose but in the right he holds the sword tightly and securely .
                                                 FINAL    THOUGHTS   

(1)  ARTICULATION  - There are no limited points of articulation for Blade . Excellent all around .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - The figure stands well without balance issues .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - I love the fact that Hasbro is now finally giving these figures a realistic look , rather than cartoonish . Blade looks cool rather you display him with either head . The bullet proof vest like armor looks pretty cool .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - Sculpted on sunglasses . they need to be removable .

(5) WHAT  COULD HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THIS  FIGURE ?- Make the shades removable .

(6) GRADING  SCALE - A 9.8 is great enough . The minus points is for the sculpted on/ painted on glasses .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - After the Wesley Snipes Toybiz Blade , I feel that this is the second coolest looking Marvel Legend Blade figure after that one . Great job Hasbro !!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

WWE Mattel - Elite Series 47 B Kane Review !!!

This version of Kane is my second WWE Mattel figure of the character . I mainly purchased this version of Kane because of the accessories , and not for the figure itself . The accessories that caught my attention are the removable mask with attached hair weave and the clear cube that is holding the mask . I purchased this version of Kane at a local Walmart for a discounted price of $ 17.99 .

As many of you know this is just one of several Kane variant figures in the line . Now for a look at the figure out of the packaging .

Even though as I made this purchase mainly for the accessories , the figure itself is still pretty cool also . The only thing I do not like about this Kane figure is the expression , with a smile  on his face. That expression does not match the personality of the character . I think it would have been better if the figure had the same facial expression that is on the packaging . I'm referring to the sides and corners where he looks mean and unhappy . That is the expression I think the figure should have . Other than that a nicely done figure of Kane . One major luxury of this figure is the multiple display options . It's up to you rather you want to display Kane with or without the mask . Now for some comparison shots of this Kane figure compared to an older version of an Elite WWE Kane .

Besides costume differences , it looks as if there are facial differences too other than the hair . The older Kane figure has a shaved head and no eyebrows, making him look more like a freak of nature . Whereas the newer Kane figure looks more civilized with eyebrows and a full head of hair . Same black and red color scheme in their outfits, with different designs . Now for a closer look at the accessories .

The clear cube is a very nice accessory . As you can see you can open it up with those four latches at the bottom . Also this accessory goes great with another accessory that came with another figure . Remember the Elite 47 Kevin Owens figure that came with a display table with the red cover over it ? That accessory would go along great with the cube accessory that came with this Kane . Plus the mask/hair accessory gives us the luxury of displaying other characters wearing it , Jason Jordan for example in the pics above . Plus it fits better on the older Kane figure than it does on this newer one, because the older version has no hair making a better fit . And finally, the above diorama piece is also another bonus accessory that you get with this Kane figure .
                                                                 FINAL    THOUGHTS   
(1) ARTICULATION  - No major limited points . Very well rounded articulation with the exception of upward head movement .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - The figure stands very well with no balance issues .

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The accessories . The figure is great too . The luxury of displaying him with or without the mask is a plus .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The facial expression . I feel that Kane should be looking mean to match his personality , and not smiling .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? From a physical perspective the figure is excellent . Visually his smile should be turned into a frown or some other mean look to match the personality of the character .

(6) GRADING  SCALE - I give this figure a 9.8 out of 10 . Still a great score, the minus is for the above mentioned facial expression .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - The excitement is not always there when you purchase a figure of a character that you already own in your collection . However once you open that package that feeling of no excitement transforms into pure joy as long as the figure is still a very cool toy, in which this Kane figure is , along with his accessories .