Saturday, July 31, 2021

June 2021 Contest !!! Win 10 dollars Via Paypal !!!

 I know it's late for that particular month, however I've been so busy with other projects , my YouTube channel and a second job that I've been lacking to post content here recently and I apologize for that .  Below give the name of the figure and toyline

The June Contest expires August 30, 2021. As for the May 2021 Contest there was no winner and below is the answer
Angry Baldi of Baldi's Basics . GOOD LUCK to ALL in the NEXT CONTESTS !!!

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy 4th Everyone!!!! A look back at past tribute !!!

 Everyone have a great Independence Day along if your're off from your job tomorrow and God Bless!!!The following link looks back at an old tribute from this site --