Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWE MATTEL - BATTLE PACK - Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman with Stretcher

I mainly purchased this toy to get Paul Heyman. Since there are not that many action figures of WWE managers in the Mattel line as of yet at the time of this writing. You get two figures and one accessory. I already had an Elite Brock Lesnar before purchasing this product. After all, both he and Paul are made in the basic style, not the elite style. There is no ab crunch for neither guy, nor do either figure's legs move outward. And just like the regular single figures the Battle Packs now too come in the newly designed blue and white packaging.

First I'm going to review over Paul, since he is the main reason I purchased this toy in the first place. Hopefully he is the start of more managers to come in this line. When you remove the Paul Heyman figure from the packaging, you'll notice that the figure is completely bald at the top. However when you glance at the picture of the real Paul Heyman on the packaging, you'll notice that he's not completely bald. He does have some peach fuzz on his head. It would have been nice if Mattel could have added these few hairs to his head. This is not a complaint from me however, just an observation .
Speaking of hair, Mattel did not forget Paul's ponytail as you can see.

I love Paul's tie since blue is one of my favorite colors. Also notice that Heyman's right hand is an open palm and his left hand is a closed fist. Since he has this variety in hand displays this gives the luxury of posing him in fight poses or attacking someone with a weapon. Also if you've watched pro wrestling over the years than you already know that most managers cheat, or at least try to, for their fighters.
Now on to Brock Lesnar. This figure is not the same as the elite version of the same character / person. Without paying much close attention to detail, when I first saw this toy at a local Wal-Mart I thought it was the same Brock Lesnar figure I already had, but it is not. All I noticed immediately was Paul Heyman and the stretcher, not paying much attention to Brock . The pics below are comparisons of the elite Brock Lesnar and the one that comes in this battle pack.

When comparing the two different versions of Lesnar, you'll notice that there are quite a few differences between the figures. The battle pack version has knee pads compared to none for the elite version. Also the battle pack Lesnar seems to have lost a little muscle definition compared to the elite version. The elite version has an ab crunch whereas the battle pack version does not . Also as you can see the ab crunch can make part of the belly tattoo disappear if you slightly bend it forward. Finally the battle pack version has writings on his gloves whereas the elite Lesnar does not. If you can not see clearly what the writings say they say " Lesnar -Fear The Fury ". As you can also see this version of Brock Lesnar stands at a little over six inches tall. Right at seven inches tall to be exact .
Now on to the accessory, the stretcher. The piece does not do anything on its own but it makes a nice display piece for injured WWE stars. When displaying it, you may want to have two action figures with good size to hold up the weight of another figure. Bigger figures have more weight for standing support whereas with smaller figures the display would probably topple over.

                                                     FINAL   THOUGHTS
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - Both of these figures have the basic style articulation . No ab crunch for either figure and the legs do not move outward to the side, just up and down, back and forth.
( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - Both of these figures stand well without balance issues.
( 3 ) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THIS SET ? The stretcher and Paul Heyman. The reasons why? Heyman is one of the few manager figures in the line, and the stretcher makes a good display piece for anyone that is supposed to be injured .
( 4 ) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT THIS SET ? I don't know if all the packages are like this, but my Brock Lesnar figure's right wrist was loosely hanging and I could not shove it back into his wrist socket . However I think that this flaw is of my copy of the figures and not all of them.
( 5 ) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO IMPROVE THIS SET ? Nothing. I think it is perfect the way it is.
( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of one to ten I give this whole set a perfect ten. Individually I give both of the figures a 9.5 . The minus being for lack of outward leg movement. However this does not bother me it would just be better if the feature was included. Love the stretcher I give it a ten .
( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - You will not be disappointed when you purchase this set. If you're like me at first, only purchasing it for Paul Heyman and the stretcher because you already have a Brock Lesnar figure, then go ahead and purchase it anyway. When you remove the Brock Lesnar figure, I suggest you close your eyes while holding both it and the elite versions in your hands. You will notice that they do not feel like the same action figure, even though they consist of the same character / person . You customizers can always transform Brock into another character anyway . I say this Brock is worth keeping even if you already own the elite version, along with the whole set, Heyman and the stretcher .

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