Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Character Guide and World Compendium!!!

Even though this item is not an actual action figure or a toy itself, it is still "TOY-RELATED" in the form of a book. So since it's "toy-related", it deserves a review . I have been excited about this book since it was announced. A guide to every Masters of the Universe character ever. From all canons of the franchise. From the toys, books, cartoons, every single character , place, artifact, etc . is included. The book is scheduled to be online at on May 23,2017 . However I was able to obtain my copy at a local comic book shop for around $ 49.99 . Prices may vary depending on where you purchase .

As you can see everything is in order up to seven chapters . The contents of the book itself lasts up to 698 pages of your reading entertainment, almost 700 pages. The final couple of pages include  advertising the other Dark Horse Masters of the Universe hardcover books .
The section you see above is a very cool bonus, a family tree of the Royal Family of Eternia. It shows up in the book after Grizzlor's profile . Characters from Filmation, Mike Young Productions along with other media such as the mini comics and magazines are included in this section.
Overall I think this character guide is a dream come true for every MOTU fan. It does not matter rather you are a fan of the toys, the cartoons, the comics, you'll love this book. This book can also be used as a guide for anyone who has not completed their MOTU Classics collection . Because every character has pictures of their MOTU classic figure included in their profile. So this is a good way to see if there are any figures or characters that may be missing from your collection. So not only is this book a good read but it is also a great guide for collectors of the MOTU Classic line.
Although this is a great book, it could have been better . The only flaw I have about it is that I was expecting it to be very similar to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series. However it is slightly different in some aspects from that series . For example, ( SPOILER ALERTS coming up ) if you want to know how tall every character is and how much everyone weighs, expect to be disappointed because those physical character statistics are not included . Also I wish that there was more details about the powers and skills of characters . For example, don't just tell us that Skeletor has magical powers, tell us what can he do with those powers. Can he shoot fire out of his finger tips, lightning bolts, etc . Give us an example or examples of what his powers can do .
Another flaw is when describing He-Man, it has martial arts as one of his skills however it does not mention what book or cartoon episode where he has displayed martial arts . It does tell you that the martial arts skills are from Filmation, but not what episode and that is what bugs me. Despite these very few flaws this is still a VERY , VERY FUN  BOOK to read and enjoy . YOU HAVE THE POWER to enjoy this book too and I guarantee as a MOTU fan that you will !!!  Although this is a very short review, I can't go into too many details spoiling things for you, so I figured a quick brief rundown is fair enough . So BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL , BUY this book if you're a MOTU fan !!!

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  1. No se donde saldrá que He-Man aprende artes marciales, pero en la serie de figuras de 200x, salió un He-Man llamada Martial Arts He-Man. Un saludo!