Friday, November 30, 2018

No winner for the October 2018 Contest.

Unfortunately no one won the October 2018 Contest . Below is what was shown.
Below is the answer .
The movie based Marvel Legends Karl Mordo . Good luck to everyone in the next contest !!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

NOVEMBER 2018 CONTEST !!!Win 10 dollars via Paypal !!!

This month's contest contains two pics . Name the figures and toy lines of each .

Contest expires December 31, 2018 .GOOD  LUCK  TO  EVERYONE !!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Beware of Fake Figmas !!!

First off a big thanks to Bro Midnight for alerting me of this situation with Figma figures . I was unaware that people were making bootleg Figma figures.Just check the comments section of the last post of this website, the one with the Figma Tracer .

Plus you can discover this is true yourself by going to both Google and Youtube, type in the words " FAKE FIGMAS " in the search engines and you will get multiple results .

Here is a link to a Youtube video telling you how to spot Fake Figmas .

Good tips from this video and also BroMidnight . I also want to add my tip which is just purchase all of your future Figmas from online toy stores instead of Ebay . Stores such as Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth , etc . Because if it's from a store , more than likely it is legit, the real deal .

Despite this situation, there is a pro and a con . The pro is if you buy a bootleg you may spend less money than on the real thing , however the quality is not up to standards with the original .

At least we do not have this problem with other popular six inch scale lines .

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Figma - Tracer Overwatch Review !!!

I finally have  my first ever action figure by Figma . Plus Tracer from the Overwatch video game franchise is also one of my most wanted figures for this year .  I purchased this figure at a very good low price of about 12 dollars from a seller on Ebay . When this Tracer figure first debuted the price range for it was in the fifties, but if you're lucky enough to catch a decent Ebay deal like I did then go for it . Speaking of Overwatch, in case if many of you do not know it was announced not too long ago that Hasbro will be making Overwatch figures, so it may not be long before there are two action figures on the market of Tracer . This figure came out earlier this year however I purchased it not too long ago and is just now reviewing it .

I do not know Japanese language so it is tough to say if the writing is a bio of Tracer . However you can easily find out more about Tracer by viewing her Wikipedia profile. I discovered quite a few things like her age and real name, which is Lena Oxton . I also love the fact that the company is very organized, keeping track of their figures with product numbers as where you can see Tracer is number 352 . Now for a look at Tracer out of the packaging .

 Tracer as you can see comes with plentiful accessories . She comes with two extra faces , her two pistols and pulse bomb , a flight stand, eight extra pair of hands along with the piece to place the hands on .

 My only complaint about this Tracer figure is that she feels just a little fragile, like she must be handled with caution. An example is when I removed her from the packaging, her left elbow collar came off. I had difficulty putting it back on so I gave up and decided to display her like this the rest of the way in this article, withOUT her left elbow collar . I assume the scotch tape kind of assists in pulling the figure out, resulting in the dispatched piece. Her neck also rests on a very loose peg , not too loose but loose enough .  So be careful when turning her head . Other than being cautious with this figure this is a very neat action figure . Her guns are very cool looking and I also like how her name is written on the upper leg. It looks cool plus it's great for people just in case they forget the character's name .

 Before going to Tracer's Wikipedia profile , I was thinking that she is a teenage character because of her short stature . However she is listed at age 26, she is much shorter than an even six inches despite being in the six inch scale, as you can see in the above pic .
Above the eight extra pair of hands that come with Tracer . Excellent for multiple display options .
 Above the flight stand that comes with Tracer . The stand fits firmly into the base, allowing Tracer to be displayed in multiple aerial poses .

 Above my attempts at displaying Tracer in aerial poses with the flight stand .
 If you want to use Tracer's other two faces, the following is what must be done to accomplish this. ( NOTE ) Ignore that scratch on her lens . The figure did not come like that I think I accidentally scratched it with my fingernail when trying to remove the hair piece. So not to worry that's my fault . Now on to the process .
(1) First slowly remove Tracer's frontal hair piece. She will look like the pick you see above .
 Second gently remove her default face and replace it with one of the extra faces . Place the extra face on first then put the hair piece back on second .
 As you can see Tracer's goggles can come off . However I accidentally removed them when trying to exchange the faces . Speaking of the goggles and faces the goggles feel as if they are glued to the faces, however can be removed with force be it accidental or intentional .

 While the different hands add variety, I do not see too many differences between Tracer's three faces . Now let's see how Tracer compares with figures from other six inch scaled lines .
 She looks like she fits in well with the averaged sized Star Wars Black figures, as she stands between Luke Skywalker and General Leia .
 However she looks small standing next to another video game legend, Sota Toys version of Cammy from the Street Fighter franchise . Speaking of Street Fighter, Tracer also looks somewhat out of scale standing next to Sakura also of Sota Toys. This is a perfect example that not all figures of the same height scale are the same .
                                                 FINAL    THOUGHTS
( 1 ) ARTICULATION  LIMITS -  Other than a slight stint in upper head movement the rest of the articulation is very well rounded all around.

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY  -   Tracer stands pretty well once you get her feet properly positioned, despite her skinny ankles .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE  ? - The perfect likeness to her video game version, along with the clear orange tinted goggles . Not only do they look cool but can also be pried off of her face and placed onto other figures if you pull hard enough . She also holds both her her pistols really well in the hands meant for the guns, and I love the posing options that the flight stand allows . I think I like displaying her more with the guns in both of her hands, as if she is ready to go to battle .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE  ? -  The figure does feel fragile in some areas like the situation I had with her left elbow collar. It's not a great feeling when you feel that certain joints must be moved with caution because of the worry of breaking something .

( 5 )  WHAT  CAN  BE  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? -  Needs to be more sturdy and tough . The neck peg could use a little re tooling also, because the head is difficult to place back on after it falls off . It can be placed back on but with extreme caution .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE  -  If not for the issue of some fragility , I would give this Tracer figure a Perfect 10. But because of that issue I think a 9.5 is a decent score .

( 7 ) FINAL   ANALYSIS  -   Besides being a little fragile, Figma /Max Factory did a nice job on Tracer . I'm looking forward to seeing how Hasbro will do with her now that they have the license to do Overwatch figures .

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 !!! A look back at past tributes.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday !!! Here is a look back at two tributes from the past on this site. Here's the link to the first one back in 2013 - .

Now here's a look at the 2014 tribute - .

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless you !!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Saturday Night Live -Tina Fey & Amy Poehler !!! Weekend Update Diorama Review !!!

This Saturday Night Live Weekend Update set with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler debuted a few years ago back in 2015. I'm reviewing now in 2018 because I just recently discovered the existence of this item by browsing for dioramas and play sets . Plus I can hardly find any reviews on this item on Youtube or anywhere so I thought I'd take a crack at it. As you can see the name of this set is called " Saturday Night Live Tina Fey & Amy Poehler . Notice that it mentions the included Weekend Update diorama piece on the packaging however it is easily noticeable that the two action figures of the women are the main selling points. At least it is for the company that made this set, which is Bif Bang Pow . However I did not purchase this set for the two figures . I purchased it for the Weekend Update Diorama piece and you'll understand why as you continue to read this article . By the way I purchased this off an E bay auction for a very nice price of around 12 dollars with free shipping .
This review will be done in the following format . First the two figures will be reviewed. Second the Weekend Update fold-out diorama , third a look at the two figures inside the diorama and finally a look at how six inch scale figures can be implemented into the set .

Nice packaging with an old school style. Notice that there are no bios for the two women about their careers and career accomplishments. I'm cool with that because a lot of people know about both Tina and Amy and if they do not, they can just Google their names or get their Wikipedia profiles . Now on to the two figures .
As you can see, besides the fold out diorama there are no accessories. No microphones or chairs for them to sit in, just the two figures and the diorama .

Despite looking cartoonish in the face , the figures have a perfect likeness to the real life Tina and Amy in my opinion . Because of the scale of these figures, being right at three inches tall it would be difficult to get fully detailed realistic looking faces . If the figures were in the six inch scale, then making them look realistic would be much easier to do . When I first saw these figures online, I thought they were about the same height as your average G.I. Joe figure. But as you can see they are shorter than Joes as the Joes stand almost four inches tall at 3.75 inches . Notice also that the same body mold is used for both figures. They share the same body mold but different head sculpts . As you can see the articulation is also limited . There's knee movement along with up and down leg and arm movement . And the heads rotate to the sides. Even though I'm not a big fan of three inch figures but these two are pretty nice and fun to have in the collection. Now on to the fold-out Weekend Update diorama .
You will have to hook the diorama together to get the look that's on the packaging . There are no instructions or directions that come with the set . So I'll describe what you must do as best as I can .
(1) Notice the two pegs on the Weekend Update map . One is at the lower right bottom of the map and the other on the lower left bottom .
(2) There are some open slots on the sides of the Weekend Update desk . Take those two pegs and insert them into those slots by folding the corners they are on . After following these steps you should get the look below.
Here's the outcome. I know my setup is nowhere near perfect and is no where near as perfect looking as it is on the packaging, but it will do for now. I'm still satisfied with this play set . I've also seen variants of this set online only where the Weekend Update Map is a light brown instead of blue .

As for the size of the set, as you can see it is just a tad under six inches tall and is almost nine inches long in width . Now let's see how the two figures look inside the set .

Notice the reflections of the figures on the desk. Despite being made of soft cardboard the desk has the same reflective traits as a real wooden desk. A very cool effect .
I think the figures look great inside the set despite having no chairs to sit in . As for getting the best camera angle to get the illusion as if they are sitting, I recommend taking the picture directly in front of the desk. This way it would be hard to distinguish if the figures are standing or sitting . Now to see how a six inch scaled figure fits in with this set .

Perfect fit however she is not sitting in a chair or standing. Find out how as you move along this article.

So how did I get this Buffy the Vampire Slayer figure ( I forgot the character's name ) to fit into the desk ? As you can see the answer is above, as she is sitting on her knees to give the illusion as if she is sitting down . Sorry for the poor picture quality but at least now you know the secret of how to install six inch scale figures into this play set, despite the figures being almost as tall as the set itself . Also if you watch the real Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live you'll notice that you do not see the chairs the news anchors/ actors are sitting on, you just see them . So rather you want to display the two figures that come with this set or other figures from another toy line, it can be done as you can see .
                                                         FINAL    THOUGHTS    
(1) ARTICULATION  LIMITS  - Of the two figures of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler , the limits are no up and down head movement and no outer leg and arm movement. As the articulation category does not apply to the play set .

( 2) STANDING  ABILITY  OF  THE  FIGURES - They stand well once you balance them properly despite having heels.

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  WHOLE  PLAY SET  ? -Both the figures and diorama piece are nice . Plus I like the fact that the Weekend Update set up can be used with bigger taller figures from other toy lines . This is great for toy photography shots and if you crop your pics it does not just have to be a Weekend Update setup. With cropped pictures it can be any news desk with any news anchor . Plus the Weekend Update set is the exact look of the current real life Weekend Update set on Saturday Night Live at the time of this writing .

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  WHOLE  PLAY SET ? - There's nothing disliked.

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THIS WHOLE  PLAY SET ? -  Provide some chairs for the anchors to sit on and make the whole news set a little bigger to accommodate larger action figures .

(6) GRADING  SCALE  -  I give everything a Perfect Ten !!! The two figures and the diorama setup all put together .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - If you want a " Saturday Night Live Tina Fey & Amy Poehler" set for yourself I recommend going to either Ebay or Amazon. Plus I'll admit I do watch Saturday Night Live and I'm a fan of Weekend Update . Not only that but Weekend Update is my favorite segment on the show. Plus I love dioramas made for six inch scale figures. Also the Weekend Update map is the exact color I wanted, the light blue map just like the current real Weekend Update background map . So buying this set was a no brainer for me along with being a satisfied purchase .