Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! Toy lines throughout the years I am thankful for .

I know there are way more important things to be thankful for over toys and action figures . Such as family and friends, peace, etc. However since this is a TOY / ACTION FIGURE site , I must keep the theme action figure related . And what better way for an action figure site to give tribute to Thanksgiving Day than a list of toy lines, both past and present , I'm thankful for . Also I'll explain why I'm thankful for these toy lines . In no particular order here's the tribute to toys I'm thankful for .
I'm thankful for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel figures because these figures allow us collectors to display plain ordinary people along with our super hero figures such as Marvel Legends .  Not to mention that these figures come with some very cool accessories .
Out of all of the TMNT toy series , this version is one of my favorite Turtle lines . The Nickelodean figures from the year 2011 I think . Even though this version of April O" Neal is cartoonish loking, she still is pretty neat . But I really like how Splinter and the Turtles are done in this series .
LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT !!! Even though what you see here are all of the figures in this short lived toy line , these six inch scaled figures came with some very cool accessories . The following are pics of some of the accessories these figures came with .

A podium , broken chalkboard , a desk and chair are among the neat accessories available with the SNL figures .
Based on the Star Trek movie from the year 2008 I think , I love these six inch scaled Star Trek figures . Captain Kirk , Spock , and the whole original gang are here in the above pic .
Now for some current toy lines that are still going on . Marvel Legends 2002 - present . From Toybiz to Hasbro . The old Legends by Toybiz came with reprinted Marvel comic books where as the Hasbro Legends ended the comics . However both Toybiz and Hasbro has entertained us collectors with the Build-A- Figures ( BAF ) . Not to mention the most points of articulation ( POA ) ever seen in any toy line .
WWE Mattel figures . Even though Jakks Pacific had a big impact on WWE action figures, I like the Mattel WWE figures better because I feel that they look more realistic than the Jakks Pacific figures. What both Jakks and Mattel do have in common with WWE figures are the cool accessories that a lot of the wrestlers come with .
The Transformers. This franchise started in the 1980s and is even more stronger today than it was back then , thanks to four great movies and plenty of Autobots and Decepticons . Even though I don't have a whole lot of Transformers in my collection , this franchise has " MORE THAN MET THE EYE " over the years .
I collect a few Joe figures but not them all. I only collect my favorite Joe or Cobra characters as figures . I am a cherry picker when it comes to G.I. Joe figures, however this does not mean I'm not a fan of the franchise. These toys have helped produce two good movies among other stuff and just like the Transformers is one of Hasbro's biggest money makers . My favorite G.I. Joe figures are the 25th Anniversary figures .
Masters of the Universe Classics . I'm thankful for all of the MOTU toys , the vintage figures from the 1980s to the present day Classics . With the vintage versions not only did we get cool action figures with even cooler action features, but some neat weapons and miniature comic books referred to as mini comics . I love MOTU Classics mainly because every aspect of a MOTU character exist in this line. Everyone from characters from the cartoons , mini comics , etc . Plus the nice articulation of the Classics allow for some great individual and battle poses .
Now back to a fantastic toy line that has been discontinued . The DC Universe Classics.
Although this toyline went through several name changes, it is still the same franchise . It first started off as DC Superheroes, than DCU Classics , and ended as DC Signature Collection . For those of us that are and were fans of the Super Friends cartoon , I'm glad that a lot of the characters from the toon were made. We got all of the SuperFriends except Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog , and all of the Legion of Doom . These are my favorite versions of DC action figures, even though the DC Direct figures look more realistic , the DCUC figures have more articulation and posing options compared to most of those DC Direct figures . I wish Mattel could bring this line back . Love this toy line .
                      Well, that's it for now. There are many more action figure toy lines,
both past and present , that I am thankful for . However this is all I'm covering for now in this article. Hopefully I'll have another tribute like this in next year's Thanksgiving tribute , not using the same figures you see here of course . I hope you enjoyed this article . HAPPY THANKSGIVING AGAIN AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!