Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dollar Store Finds - PART TWO !!!

This second installment of Dollar Store finds focuses on two toy brands. One is a series with ninja like figures and the others are military themed figures. The ninja like figures are referred to as "Alien Spider", and the military themed figures have no special name at all, they are simply just referred to as "Military Action Figure ", as it is displayed on the packaging. As for the military figures,I did not buy these toys for the action figures themselves, but for the cool accessories they come with . A lot of the accessories can fit in with a lot of six inched scaled lines .

First I'm going to review over the Alien Spider figures . As you can see they come in more than just one color, red and green being the case here. Articulation wise these figures are nothing special . Just basic limited points of articulation ( POA ) . The arms move up and down , the legs move up down . No side to side or outward movement for either of the limbs . The heads just turn left and right, no up and down movement . They do have a very cool action feature though, as you see on the packaging that they light up , glow in the dark . However it does not have to be dark for the feature to be effective, the light up feature also functions well in very dim light or well lit areas for that matter.

The above pictures does not do the light up features justice. It looks better in person than it does in these pictures . Another cool feature you'll notice about the Alien Spider figures is that they are made in a translucent plastic . Also in the pic below you see they stand at around five inches tall .

You have to press the black button in the figure's navel to make the light up feature work . As for accessories, they come with quite a bit of them . All of them are weapons except for the helmet . The helmet snaps apart and snaps back together again . As you can see the weapons consist of two different types of swords, three shooting stars , a machete like weapon along with two claw like devices for the arms.

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of these accessories are a perfect fit for big brand name six inch scaled figures such as Marvel Legends . As you can see in the pic above the Superior Spider-Man figure is a perfect model for the helmet .
Now on to the military figures .

These figures do not have as many accessories as the Alien Spider figures, but the accessories are cool none the less . As for the figures themselves , the highest compliment I can give them is that since they are military themed , they may look at home next to some of your old G.I. Joe figures for display purposes .
As you can see they are a little over three inches tall and they hold their hand held accessories very well . My favorite accessory pieces are the paddle and canoe that the navy  type character comes with, and the police shield and missile launcher that the army type figure comes with . As a matter of fact, there is one missile launching stand and two different types of missile projectiles. One of them is a two piece bazooka attachment .

Again Superior Spider-Man is being used as a model for reference purposes . And if you are a customizer , you can see that the police shield could use a nice paint job . It still looks neat though in my opinion, even in a dull light shade of gray, but may look even cooler painted . The following pic is the back of the card the military figures are displayed on . The pic below that is what's on the back of the Alien Spider packaging.
GOOD LUCK to everyone in finding these figures on both the internet and in person . Since dollar store figures almost always change constantly . You can clearly see the address and the name of the company of the Alien Spider figures in the pic above . The address for the Military figures is as follows - Greenbrier International Inc.
              500 Volvo Parkway
             Chesapeake , VA 23320
( NOTE ) Do not just go by a company's address as that too can change, A tip for finding these figures is to type in the company name in any big name search engine such as Google, AOL, Bing, etc . This way you may find them . Hope that helps.
Also you'll notice that I've only opened only ONE of the Alien Spider figures, not both . I opened only the green one and left the red one carded . The reason why is because I plan on giving the red one away one day in one of the future monthly contests . So stay tuned to the updates so that you can win that particular figure .


  1. Ha! It's funny seeing these recycled from plain old Ninjas to Alien Spiders(Venom?).

  2. Recycled and re-done in a translucent plastic as well . Unlike the old ninja versions however the only big difference is the clear plastic and the light up feature . Good observation there John .