Saturday, November 29, 2014

Screen shots of the Happy Honda Day commercials plus a small brief summary of them .

I'm pretty much sure many of you have already seen these Honda television commercials featuring old toys marketing a certain car . The first one I saw was the one with Skeletor . However I first saw the commercial on internet websites such as and . In other words I saw the commercial on the internet before I saw it on live television . My first reaction was that I was amazed at the animation of the old vintage 1980s Skeletor figure . So my first thought was that the commercial was probably fan made . But then later I saw the same commercial while I was watching Sunday Night Football on NBC . I then realized that these commercials are real and not fan made .
                    For those of you who may not have seen these commercials, it's not just Skeletor .
Other toy franchises included are Stretch Armstrong , Gumby , Strawberry Shortcake , Jem featuring G.I. Joe the original Joe from the nineteen sixties , and a toy line called Little People . Here are some screen shots I took with my camera off of my computer monitor screen . I used the same camera I use for pictures of the toys on this site . Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, however this is the result after taking photographs off a monitor with the flash feature off on the camera.

Out of all of the toys featured , the only ones that truly fit into the action figure category are Skeletor, Stretch Armstrong and G.I. Joe . Gumby started off originally as a tv show, not as toys .
As for the commercials themselves, I like them and think they are entertaining . As a huge Masters of the Universe fan , I was really glad to see Skeletor on television in promotion of something such as a car . On live television featuring a program that attracts millions of viewers . I bet a lot of old school He-Man fans from the 1980s probably googled not only Skeletor but He-Man as well, since he and BattleCat are featured in the commercial from a distance . Just think about it , Masters of the Universe has probably gained new fans since this commercial has aired . This is a good thing for Mattel, I kind of wish that the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man , BattleCat and Skeletor were used in the commercial instead of the vintage figures. This commercial could help boost the lifespan of MOTU Classics .
As for Stretch Armstrong , there are two different toy versions of this character . The version you see in the commercial is from the nineteen seventies . A remade version of the character was introduced in the early 2000s . As you can see in the commercial Stretch is a cool toy that you can stretch his limbs to extreme lengths .
I think the best part about the Jem commercial featuring G. I . Joe was him flirting with her for a dance . Not only are these commercials fun but they are also amusing .
And even though I was not a collector of girl toys and still is not , it was nice to see Strawberry Shortcake because seeing her brought back good nostalgic memories such as browsing a Sears Wishbook Catalog . I remember quickly turning the pages on her and the other girl toys rushing to look at the all of the boy toys .
And I think I remember having some Little People figures as a kinder garden student . Ahh what good childhood nostalgic memories these commercials bring . You can view all of these commercials by visiting and type in " Happy Honda Days " in the search engine and they'll pull up . Enjoy them if you have not already .