Saturday, September 30, 2017

No winner for the August 2017 Contest . Here are the answers . Plus Congratulations to Barbecue17 for winning September 2017 contest !!!

Unfortunately there are no winners for the August 2017 Contest . Below is what was shown.

Below are the answers .

Marvel Legends Kamala Khan and Brother Voodoo . Congats again to Barbecue17, so GOOD LUCK EVERYONE FOR THE OCTOBER 2017 Contest !!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

September 2017 Contest !!! Win 10 Dollars via Paypal !!!

Give the name of the action figures and toy lines the following items are from .

You have until Halloween , October 31, 2017 to have the correct answers . GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Evel Knievel Toy Ad from the 1970s!!!

Evel Knievel for those of you whom may not know was a legendary stuntman from the 1970s. He did amazing things such as using his cycle to jump over buses, cars, etc. Not to mention quite a few toys along with his own action figure likeness were made in his honor .
Just go to Google and type in Evel Knievel toys in the search box . You'll see these among other Knievel toys in real life rather than drawings .

Sunday, September 24, 2017

MARVEL LEGENDS - Thor Jane Foster Review !!!

A female version of Thor named Jane Foster . For those of you whom do not know the history of this character , this is NOT a gender change of Thor the character himself. Jane Foster is supposed to be an Earth woman that was chosen by Thor himself as a temporary substitute for him . Google Jane Foster or visit her Wikipedia profile to learn more . I purchased this figure of Jane at a local Walmart for around the $ 19.99 price range . She is part of the Gladiator Hulk build-a-figure series, in which is part of the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie .

I just love the light blue vivid colors on this series packaging . The Gladiator Hulk pieces that come with Jane are the left leg and lower body armor . Now for a look at the figure out of the packaging .

As for the character, Jane Foster is not an Asgardian hence the Earthly name and normal sized stature . My only complaints about the figure is that the cape makes her a little top heavy , and that I think there should have been holes inserted around the upper neck or shoulder area to keep the cape from falling off when posing her . Other than those two gripes the figure is perfect . Well, I wish the mask was removable however I'm okay with it being sculpted to her face. I love how that since she is portraying a super hero, her physique is somewhat muscular and chiseled . Look at her arms for example, nothing like the average female form . They look sort of muscular as if she's been working out . As you can see she's not a very tall Marvel Legend either , standing what looks to be below six inches tall as Marvel lists the character at 5"9 . The hole in the middle of her upper back is where the cape is inserted, and her shoulder length hair can hold it in place .  So great job by Hasbro for staying true to her height . Now for a comparison shot of Jane next to her famous blond haired mentor .
The above pic proves that Jane Foster is not an Asgardian . She would be close to Thor's size if she was . Here she is posed next to one of my favorite figures of Thor, from back when Marvel Legends relaunched back in 2012 . Notice also that the hammer " mjolnir"  is a different size for both of its owners hands . In Thor's hands it is bigger, and in Jane's hands it is smaller. I'm assuming that Mjolnir magically adjusts its size to accommodate its user . Assuming that they both share the same weapon .
                                                      FINAL    THOUGHTS 
(1) ARTICULATION  -  The shoulder length hair somewhat limits Jane's upper head movement just a little. The rest of the figure has well rounded articulation .

(2) STANDING  ABILITY - Without the cape her stance is fine, but with the cape on it adds just a little small amount of weight to the figure making it a tad top heavy . Adjust her knees for the proper stance.

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - I think the muscular physique looks great on this figure , Plus the wings on her boots are adjustable.

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The cape does not stay on all of the time. It may fall off when you try to display her in different battle poses .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? - Although not a complaint, but a removable helmet or an extra alternate unmasked head would have been nice . Find a way to make the cape stay on without accidentally knocking it off .

(6) GRADING  SCALE - I think a 9.0 is still a pretty decent score on a scale of 1 thru 10 . The minus points are for the issues with the cape , making her top heavy and not being able to always stay on the figure .

(7) FINAL  ANALYSIS - It looks like characters from the Thor franchise are picking up steam as Marvel Legends , as more Thor characters , both heroes and villains, are on the way as Marvel Legends .

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ACTION FIGURE and TOY NEWS for September 2017 .

So far the biggest toy related news this year in the most recent headlines have been about Toys R Us filing for bankruptcy . The good news is that none of the stores may NOT be in any danger of closing . For more on Toys R Us here's a link to an article - .

In other toy events the 2017 Hascon by Hasbro has revealed some new Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Figures. And pictures of Granita from Masters of the Universe Classics have surfaced from the most recent Power Con.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

WWE Mattel - The Bezerker Review !!!

Here is another character that I have been dreaming of owning as a WWE Mattel figure. The Berzerker debuts with his " First Time in the Line ". I purchased this figure of the Berzerker at a local Walmart for a discounted price of $ 17.99 .

If we ever see a Mr. Fuji Mattel figure any time soon , you can display him next to the Bezerker because Fuji was his manager . Now for a look at the Bezerker out of the packaging .

The Berzerker comes with a variety of accessories . His sword, shield , necklace , viking helmet , and I guess you could consider the tunic and knee pads as accessories also.  The sword and shield are made out of a hard plastic, and not the soft rubbery type. As you can see the helmet is removable. My only complaint about this Berzerker figure is that is is extremely difficult to display one of his signature moves - the big boot . Since the tunic is made out of a hard rubbery plastic it is difficult to get his leg in position to display the kick to his opponent's face . The tunic restricts the movement you need to pull off that signature move. Other than that one gripe everything else about the Berzerker is perfect . His open mouth is displayed in tribute to his supposed war or battle cry by him saying the words " huss, huss , huss ". In real life it is really his way of paying some respect to his friend and fellow wrestler known as Bruiser Brody . Good job by Mattel for sticking with his gimmick in action figure form . Love the boots. They look cool and they make him have a steady standing balance. Mattel also did a nice job of making the figure look insane with the eyes, just like the character of The Berzerker was portrayed as when he entered the ring . Now for a look at the diorama piece that he comes with . 
Above is the Boiler room piece of the diorama that comes with The Berzerker . 

(1) ARTICULATION  - The tunic restricts both of his legs moving all the way upward to execute one of his signature moves, the "big boot". Unless you remove the tunic or cut it a little with some scissors, however this would probably mess up the look of the figure . The choice is yours . 

(2) STANDING  ABILITY  - The Berzerker stands very well thanks to his big furry boots . 

(3) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The luxury of having Berzerker in the line. I love the accessories of the helmet, sword and shield . And the idea that customizers can customize him into a barbaric warrior for another toy line if they don't want him as a wrestler . For example, he can be turned into a newly created character for Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones because of the accessories . Love the furry boots and the figure just flat out looks cool . The open mouth gimmick with his known battle cry of " huss" is like a bonus . 

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - That the tunic restricts upper thigh movement, preventing him from executing one of his signature moves .

(5) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? -Make the tunic cloth instead of hard plastic. EXAMPLE - similar to the vest of the Masters of the Universe vintage Prince Adam figure from the 1980s . 

(6) GRADING  SCALE - If not for the tunic restricting upper leg movement , I'd give this figure a Perfect 10 . But because of this mishap I'd say a 9.5 is still a pretty good score . 

(7) FINAL THOUGHTS - Now if we could just beg Mattel to make a Mr. Fuji figure , so that we can stand him next to one of his wrestlers in the Berzerker on our display shelves, that would be nice to have Fuji in the collection . 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day 2017 !!!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!! Nothing new for this year but have a look back at a past Labor Day post acknowledging the holiday action figure style. A  2014 post at . Enjoy the day and God Bless !!!