Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 2016 Contest !!! WIN 10 Dollars !!!

Win 10 dollars via Paypal for being the first for answering the following trivia correctly .
Name the character and the toyline .

Contest expires March 31, 2016 . Good luck to everyone!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

WWE Mattel : The Godfather Review !!!

This is the first action figure of the Godfather in the WWE Mattel line . He is part of the Elite Flashback Collection and I purchased him from a local Walmart for around 18.99 . I was not crazy about him as a real life wrestler however I have definitely been looking forward to his action figure and now it is finally here . The reason being is because of his attire being very colorful with the bright green, along with his accessories and for being one of the most entertaining characters in WWE history . Although this is the first time The Godfather "character" appears in this line, it is not the first time Charles Wright ( Godfather's real name ) appeared in the line as a figure . Confused ? In reality , the characters Papa Shango and The Godfather are portrayed by the same man , Charles Wright . More on that scenario in a moment .

It seems as if Mattel changes the look of the packaging every year . Along with a nice new insert as you can see above . Looks like for 2016 they are going back to the red and white color theme that was used before, compared to the blue and white color theme of last year . I myself love both color themes , no matter which one they use .
As you can see , The Godfather comes with a good number of accessories. Five to be exact, if you count his vest . He has his vest, hat, necklace, cane and shades/sun glasses . If you want to remove the vest , I suggest raising his arms up over his head , pull the vest upwards over his outstretched arms and there you have it . To put the vest back on , use one arm at a time, then pull the vest over to the other arm .  As for Godfather the character , he was around when WWE had a rated M for Mature era going on . Back then there was some profanity along with scantily clad women . The character of the Godfather was portrayed as a pimp , as he had his own slogan for the ladies that accompanied him to the ring , which I will not get into because of the mature nature of the subject matter . If you have small kids , and if they want to view videos of the Godfather on Youtube, I suggest they just see him in the ring, the wrestling part, and nothing beyond that because of the mature subject matter.

As mentioned earlier , The Godfather and Papa Shango were played by the same man , aka Charles Wright . Above is a comparison between the two characters Mr. Wright has portrayed . The comparison shots are to see if you can recognize the differences and similarities . Wright was Papa Shango first before he became the Godfather . The two figures above are proof Shango came first , because Godfather has more chest tattoos, proving that Wright had more tattoos added over the years. The tattoos on both of his arms are the same . So in later years , Wright grows a mustache and goatee, along with his hair growing back to become the Godfather . As for similarities in the situation of transforming from Papa Shango into The Godfather, the bone necklace actually becomes a real necklace. The voodoo stick becomes a cane, and his voodoo hat becomes a pimp hat . WWE did a great job over the years having one person play multiple characters, as Wright is not the only one . Kane used to be Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS .
The comparison to the Hulk Hogan figure is for two reasons . Or should I say two items ? The glasses and the boa , the yellow feathery item Hogan has wrapped around his neck and shoulders. Before looking back at Hogan , I was beginning to think that he and Godfather shared the same glasses, but as you can see they apparently do not . Hogan's glasses are bigger and rounder. As for the boa, I think it fits the Godfather's persona / personality more so than Hogan , because this just seems like something that a pimp would wear .
Rather the boa looks better on the Godfather than Hogan is another story , however like I already mentioned this item seems to fit Godfather's personality more .
                                                       FINAL  THOUGHTS
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - Godfather has the regular normal all around articulation that the majority of WWE Mattel Elite figures have .

(2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - The figure stands well with no balance issues .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - ALL of the accessories . The cool bright vivid green colors of his attire . The luxury of owning a figure of one of the most popular characters in WWE history . Perfect likeness to the real person .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? There is nothing that I dislike about this figure .

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THIS  FIGURE ? - A tighter grip on his cane would have been nice . The cane fits into his open hand very loosely , however I am not bothered by this , because as you can see clearly in the pics the top base of the cane can rest nicely on his open palm .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - A PERFECT 10 !!! I could find no flaws with this figure .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - This Godfather figure is a fun figure to own because of the cool accessories and his color theme . If you like posing figures on your desk, this one would definitely look cool to display .

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My New York Toy Fair 2016 WISH LIST !!!

I was not able to make it to this year's NY Toy-Fair , however I saw lots of stuff that caught my attention and definitely will purchase these items once they become available . The following is just SOME of the toys I am interested in , but not all . The pictures are NOT mine, they are courtesy of The Fwoosh , one of my favorite action figure websites . First up is what caught my eye from Masters of the Universe Classics.

As you can see Mattel has been busy with the Filmation characters . Another vehicle, love the look of the new Roton , and a articulated Night Stalker to round out the surprises. Now here's a look at some DC comics stuff .

Of all of the DC products shown , I looking forward to the most are the Bat Wing vehicle among the Will Smith Deadshot figure . I am also looking forward to the Lex Luthor figure in an orange prison jump suit, not pictured here but shown there . Next up the Star Wars Black 6 inch line .
I'm not sure how long we have to wait for the above figures, but I'm ready to buy them now. Been waiting a long time for CP30 to pose with my R2D2 figure . Next the female versions of Ghostbusters.
I'm definitely purchasing all four of the female Ghostbuster figures as I can't wait to display them next to the original guys for comparison purposes . Next up and final is Marvel Legends .

I love the new face sculpts on Kitty Pride and Jean Grey . The faces look more realistic this time. Even though I have the Toybiz versions of these characters, these honestly look more realistic I think . I love the idea of what was done with Captain America's shield , making it look as if he is actually throwing it, just like in the comics . I hope Hasbro continues this trend, such as with Thor's hammer , among other characters, etc .
I also always look forward to new WWE Mattel figures when these conventions occur , however most of the WWE Mattel stuff shown was shown at a previous con . The only new stuff from WWE Mattel were some zombie figures of certain WWE stars. Well that's it I hope you enjoyed this article.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A look at recent purchases that have not been reviewed .

This particular article is a look at what I have purchased over the past two months that have not been reviewed yet . Some of these figures were purchased in December of last year, others this January . You'll even see a couple of figures I had in my Walmart lay-away from last year , which are Hellcat and Megatron . The reason I have not reviewed these figures is because I have not had the free time  because of extra hours on the job, so when I return home I am too tired to write because writing these reviews is time consuming . Also I am working on a super hero comic book and that takes up a lot of my time too . So here is a look at recent purchases that have not been reviewed .
I purchased this Hulk Hogan figure this past January . He is one of my favorite WWE Mattel figures. The only negative thing I have to say about this figure is that his bandana does not come off . It is sculpted onto his head . Other than that he is a perfect action figure .

What a fun action figure this Doink the Clown is !!! He comes with some nice accessories , three wig pieces and a mop bucket/pail . Plus he's very colorful with bright vivid colors . If you have kids your children may like this figure just for the bright vivid colors alone . I purchased Doink back in January .

Hellcat was part of my Walmart 2015 lay-away that I had promised that I would review over the lay-away but never got around to it . My only complaint about her is that it's kind of challenging to get her to stand , despite having no heels and being flat-footed.

This Combiner Wars Megatron was also part of my Walmart 2015 lay-away . I am very pleased to add him to my collection , mainly because he resembles himself from the 1980s Transformers cartoon .

Finally I purchased this Chameleon figure back in January . I love this purchase  for several reasons. This is his first figure as a Marvel Legend, plus he comes with two extra heads of different characters , J . Jonah Jameson and the villain known as Hammerhead . This gives you the option of wanting to buy an extra Chameleon or two to complete the characters .
That's it for now. I may or may not give a FULL REVIEW to a couple of these figures soon . If not I may go to a new format similar to this one, where I give a quick summary over four or five figures in one article .

Friday, February 19, 2016

Flea Market & Thrift Store Finds PART 6 - MARIO MANIA .

Here's a look at my latest find from a local Goodwill store . A grab bag of video game goodies .
Mario , his brother Luigi and Yoshi . These figures are Lego versions of these characters. I could not find my ruler to measure them, however they are around one to two inches tall .
Princess Toadstool . Her and Wario are in cars that can be pulled back and once you release them , they can roll across smooth surfaces .
And here's Wario in his car .
A comparison shot of Princess Toadstool's car to Wario's . Notice that his car is up higher off the ground . There were other Lego pieces in this grab bag , however they were broken and torn and I felt that they were not worth showing , since they are broken pieces . I purchased this grab bag for only $3.99 .  The Super Mario characters are the only reason I purchased this grab bag . Hope you enjoyed the pics and article .

Saturday, February 13, 2016

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2016 !!! A look back at the past tributes , action figure style.

There are two Valentine Day Tributes on this blog , which were done in the years 2014 and 2015 . If you missed those tributes , here are the links to them . Here is the link to the 2014 tribute - .
Here is the link to the 2015 tribute - .

Notice that the 2014 tribute is more of a boyfriend / girlfriend / husband wife theme , whereas the 2015 theme is more family oriented , cousins, brothers and sisters, etc .