Friday, February 19, 2016

Flea Market & Thrift Store Finds PART 6 - MARIO MANIA .

Here's a look at my latest find from a local Goodwill store . A grab bag of video game goodies .
Mario , his brother Luigi and Yoshi . These figures are Lego versions of these characters. I could not find my ruler to measure them, however they are around one to two inches tall .
Princess Toadstool . Her and Wario are in cars that can be pulled back and once you release them , they can roll across smooth surfaces .
And here's Wario in his car .
A comparison shot of Princess Toadstool's car to Wario's . Notice that his car is up higher off the ground . There were other Lego pieces in this grab bag , however they were broken and torn and I felt that they were not worth showing , since they are broken pieces . I purchased this grab bag for only $3.99 .  The Super Mario characters are the only reason I purchased this grab bag . Hope you enjoyed the pics and article .

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  1. Thanks Cindy Dy I appreciate the accolades !!!! I'm glad you enjoy them .