Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My New York Toy Fair 2016 WISH LIST !!!

I was not able to make it to this year's NY Toy-Fair , however I saw lots of stuff that caught my attention and definitely will purchase these items once they become available . The following is just SOME of the toys I am interested in , but not all . The pictures are NOT mine, they are courtesy of The Fwoosh , one of my favorite action figure websites . First up is what caught my eye from Masters of the Universe Classics.

As you can see Mattel has been busy with the Filmation characters . Another vehicle, love the look of the new Roton , and a articulated Night Stalker to round out the surprises. Now here's a look at some DC comics stuff .

Of all of the DC products shown , I looking forward to the most are the Bat Wing vehicle among the Will Smith Deadshot figure . I am also looking forward to the Lex Luthor figure in an orange prison jump suit, not pictured here but shown there . Next up the Star Wars Black 6 inch line .
I'm not sure how long we have to wait for the above figures, but I'm ready to buy them now. Been waiting a long time for CP30 to pose with my R2D2 figure . Next the female versions of Ghostbusters.
I'm definitely purchasing all four of the female Ghostbuster figures as I can't wait to display them next to the original guys for comparison purposes . Next up and final is Marvel Legends .

I love the new face sculpts on Kitty Pride and Jean Grey . The faces look more realistic this time. Even though I have the Toybiz versions of these characters, these honestly look more realistic I think . I love the idea of what was done with Captain America's shield , making it look as if he is actually throwing it, just like in the comics . I hope Hasbro continues this trend, such as with Thor's hammer , among other characters, etc .
I also always look forward to new WWE Mattel figures when these conventions occur , however most of the WWE Mattel stuff shown was shown at a previous con . The only new stuff from WWE Mattel were some zombie figures of certain WWE stars. Well that's it I hope you enjoyed this article.

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