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MARVEL LEGENDS - Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Review !!!

This version of another Ms. Marvel in the Marvel Universe named Kamala Khan, is almost still somewhat of a new character because she was created not that long ago, back in 2013 . It's nice to see some of the newer characters get action figures as a Marvel Legend so soon . Carol Danvers is the original Ms. Marvel, as it is noted that Kamala Khan is a huge fan of the original . I purchased this figure of Kamala Khan at a local Walgreens for around the $ 19.99 price range.

As you can see Kamala Khan comes with quite a few accessories. She has her two alternate shape shifting arms, and comes with the torso of this Series build-a-figure Sandman. You can find out a lot more about Kamala Khan by visiting her Wikipedia profile. Now for a look at the figure out of the packaging .

For the rest of this article I'm going to refer to Kamala Khan as Ms. Khan because her full name is kind of long for writing. Very nice figure. I like how bright and vivid the colors of her attire are. A very neat combination of blue,red, and gold trim. I really love the gold bracelet on her left wrist. It's very detailed and decorative. Notice that Ms. Khan is shorter than the average Marvel Legend. She's just a little tad over 5 inches tall . This is because she is supposed to be a teenage character . However when you look at the face sculpt on the figure, she looks more like a grown woman than a teenager. Don't get me wrong the face still looks good, however I just think it kind of looks more like a masked 30 year old woman instead of a teen . Now for a look at Ms. Khan displayed with her alternate shape shifting arms .

Khan's arms can be exchanged at her elbow joints, and the default arms can easily be put back on. Of the two alternate arms, I like her punching arm/hand better. As you can tell because of the pic above of her punching the Jackal, whom I reviewed earlier and is also a fellow figure in this same wave as Khan . With her punching arm you can display Khan in a nice variety of punching poses. As for Khan's open palm alternate , I say it can be good for ( catching criminals ) by the wrist or ankle poses, and for saving lives by her grabbing someone falling, etc. Also, is it me or does Khan remind anyone else of a female version of DC Universe Classics Plastic Man whenever she's displayed with her shape shifting arms? That was one of the first things that came to my attention when I noticed . She even has the same type of red in her costume that Plastic Man has in his.  In the pics below you can see that Khan also has designs on both of her scarf flaps in the back and see how she compares size-wise to another teen character turned into a figure, the recently released Nico Minoru .

Notice the designs on Khan's scarf flaps. The same design is on both flaps. Judging by the pic above, it does looks like she shares the same body parts as Nico Minoru. Different hands and boots though every other body part looks similar .
                                                              FINAL  THOUGHTS  

(1) PLAY  ABILITY  FACTOR  FOR  KIDS - The interchangeable arms are perfect for the little ones to play around with . Not too little though, 5 years old and up is fine. Younger that that may probably try to put the arm pieces in their mouths, etc.

(2) ARTICULATION - Perfect all around. If you prefer to remove her scarf the head can look upward farther because it is on a ball jointed neck.

(3) STANDING  ABILITY - This is a bit of a struggle to get her to stand without falling, despite being flat footed. However once you get that proper stance she stands well. I recommend spreading the legs outward, the way Superman stands in the intro of the Superfriends cartoon intro.

(4) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - The interchangeable arms, how colorful of a figure she is and the scarf.

(5) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? - It's kind of tough getting her to stand but once you get that correct stance she stands nicely as already mentioned.

(6) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? - Make it easier for her to stand without falling down .

(7) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of ONE thru TEN I say a 9.8 is a nice score . She would have gotten A PERFECT 10 if not for the battle you must go through to get her to stand properly . Action figures being able to stand properly without falling is a must have feature for every figure in my opinion.  If it is a struggle to make them stand I consider that a flaw.

(8) FINAL  ANALYSIS - Despite my one complaint about the standing issues, I still love this figure and think that Kamala Khan looks great no matter how you choose to display her. Rather it be with the default regular arms or the shape shifting arms, she's another great Marvel Legend figure to add to your collection . I myself think that the shape shifting arms are the best for fighting poses .

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