Friday, December 30, 2016

A look at my 2016 Walmart lay-away plus figures not reviewed yet.

There are quite a few action figures that I have purchased back in November of this year that I have not reviewed yet . I've been getting a lot of overtime on the job, working 6 days instead of five, plus getting home late. Now it's back to 5 days, so now I have more free time again to do the reviews. Plus some of these toys are from my Walmart lay-a-away. Have a look preview look at some future reviews below .

The first four pics are from my Walmart Christmas lay-a-away. The rest are figures purchased back in November that have not been reviewed yet. Everything from StarWars Black to Marvel Legends. Even though these are 2016 figures, they'll be reviewed in 2017, since it may take a while for the first wave of any 2017 figures to arrive in stores.

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