Sunday, September 28, 2014

Congratulations Bro Midnight for winning the Sept. 2014 Contest !!!

Also this win makes you Bro Midnight one victory ahead in order to become next year's Action Figure Champion !!! The feet and ankles definitely belong to Klaw , and here's PROOF .

There's  the answer. September 2014 contest now over and Congrats again Bro Midnight . Thanks to everyone else for participating and good luck to you all in the next contest .


This month you can win a free ( MIC ) mint in card Walking Dead Riot Gear Zombie action figure from Series Four . This guy comes with a flip up helmet and knife . Here are pics of the figure .

Now here is this month's TRIVIA QUESTION  !!!
I'm looking for three answers
( 1 ) Tell me the name of the character .
( 2 ) Tell me the name of the company .
( 3 ) Tell me the name of the franchise / toy line .

You have until October 28, 2014 to come up with the correct answers . As always all contests are 30 days long . Also as always , the FIRST CORRECT RESPONSE is the WINNER !!! Good luck to everyone !!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

He-Man , Lion-O and She-Ra parody on Saturday Night Live !!!

On the September 27, 2014 episode of Saturday Night Live ( SNL ) a parody sketch was made of these characters with SNL actors . Even though there are no figures involved in this article, the subject matter involved in this article is indeed TOY RELATED . In this spoof a boy dreams that his toys come to life. Once alive Lion-O, He-Man , and She-Ra seem to be lost in the real world. I took pictures of this segment with the exact same camera I use for taking pictures of the toys featured on this website . I caught this segment halfway in the middle .
Here is a link to the video plus still pics I took of the segment.
The quality of the pictures is low because I took the pics right off my flat screen television set with my camera having the flash mode turned off .FIRST HERE"S A LINK TO THE VIDEO <iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="//" allowfullscreen></iframe><br /><a href="" target="_blank">Chris Pratt - Fantasy Characters Come To Life...</a> <i>by <a href="" target="_blank">IdolxMuzic</a></i>
Now here are the still pictures I took of the segment .

The actress playing She-Ra  came into the segment last. Even with the low quality pick, SNL's costume designers put great detail into the Sword of Protection .
In the top pic He-Man's super strength is displayed crashing through a wall .
On a side note NOT toy related , I do enjoy Saturday Night Live . My favorite acts or segments are Weekend Update and the musical performances . But since this is a TOY WEBSITE , let me not go too far OFF TOPIC and keep things toy related here .
In the meantime since we're all toy fans here, I thought many of you may be interested in knowing about this SNL segment, just because it's toy related . Although it's up to you rather you find it funny or not .

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dollar Store Finds - Part One !!!

If you're looking for toys with very low prices, what better place to visit than a dollar store ? Not only that, but you may bump into some figures that provide extra accessories and characters for your main collections that you pay good money for . That is one benefit  of owning Dollar Store figures . Two figures that I've purchased from a local Dollar Tree store compliment that benefit .

One figure is from a line titled " Robot Defender ", and the other from a line titled " Extreme Fighting ". Since they both are dollar store figures, they both are made out of low quality plastic . However, I purchased the Extreme Fighting figure not for the figure itself, but for the accessory that he came with . His chair . And you'll see why in a moment . The Robot Defender figure I purchased because of the figure. They come in more than just one color scheme and if you purchase a bunch of these guys you can start your own army builder sets.

If you can see on the sides clearly, you'll notice that you see the words "Snap Apart" and "Posable". I have not tried snapping the figure apart. So I'm assuming that you can put it back together after doing so.

As you can see the figure is very colorful and comes with a cool looking spear like weapon. Purchase plenty of these guys at any of your local dollar stores for only a dollar . Use them as attack robots for Dr. Doom , etc, . Let your imagination run wild . Below is the back of the packaging and a comparison shot to the Marvel Legend Superior Spider-Man figure .

Even though these guys are just around five inches at the shoulders, they fit in really well with six inch scaled figures. Now on to the Extreme Fighting figure .
Like I mentioned earlier, I purchased this figure only for the chair that he came with, not for the figure itself. The figure's not bad, he does have up and down leg and arm movement. Plus his knees bend. Both of these figures have decent articulation, however the fighting guy makes for good custom fodder for all of you customizers out there. Now for pics of his accessory, a chair .

As you can see these chairs are perfect for six inch scaled figures such as Marvel Legends, etc . If you want plenty of these chairs, than you'll have to buy a lot of this particular "Extreme Fighting" figure to get them . And like the robot he too is only a dollar. I hope this article proves to you that dollar store toys have their benefits to compliment the big name toys , in more ways than one . Stay tuned for more " Dollar Store Finds " articles in the future .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

WIN MONEY BY becoming the first ever ACTION FIGURE CHAMPION !!! WIN $ 40.00 dollars in January 2015 !!!

What is an Action Figure Champion you might ask ? It's just a fun term I came up with being creative with my monthly action figure contests. Here's how it works. Who ever wins the most contests by the end of this year, is claimed as the Action Figure Champion . When January 2015 arrives , forty dollars will be awarded to the winner in that month .
All  you have to do is win more contests than anybody else. Simple as that. Whoever wins the most monthly contests is the winner titled ACTION FIGURE CHAMPION !!! Currently at the time of this writing there are two members of this blog that are tied with winning two contests a piece . If both fans end up being tied at the end of the year, they both must complete a tie breaker via Trivia questions if it comes down to a tied situation. If not then the winner is awarded prize money .
                                So keep trying to win as many contests as you can . The
more contests that you win over everyone else, the better your chances of winning this ....................
Being an Action Figure Champion has it's benefits. Instead of me deciding which toy you can win in the regular monthly contests, you can spend the forty on any figure you want of your choosing. Or anything your heart desires for that matter .
                  However if you win just let me know HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE PAID ?
I'm accepting only the following methods of payment to the winner .

( 1 ) A CASHIER'S CHECK to be sent to the winner .  OR
( 2 ) Payment via PAYPAL to the winner .  OR
( 3 ) I can wire the money to you through WESTERN UNION .

Only one of the above mentioned three methods will be used to pay the winner . YOU decide how you want to be paid.There will be NO personal checks sent or cash . As we all know sending cash is too risky in this day and age. Now that I got that bit of information clear GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE  AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


This gallery post is for those of you who like to display action figures from different franchises together . Want to display your Marvel Legends next to your DC Universe Classics ? Or vice versa? I sometimes mix and match my collection myself. The only problem with this standard of toy collecting is that this method only looks right when the figures are in the same height scale . It just does not look right displaying eight inch action figures next to five inch figures, etc . This post is to give you an idea of what figures from different lines look okay standing next to each other . ( NOTE ) I know a lot of you out there already have most if not all of the figures displayed below, however this post will come in handy for new collectors of any of these toy lines .

First three pics are a mixture of DCU Classics and Marvel Legends .

These last two pics are of WWE Mattel and Marvel Legends. ( NOTE ) The action figures in these two lines vary in height depending on the characters, however they are in the same six inch height scale . The following shots below include comparison shots of figures from the following lines, Marvel Legends, MOTU 2k , MOTU Classics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel , DC Direct and Heroes.

As you can see it looks like the Doc Sampson figure is taller than both of the He-Man versions . More from various lines in the pics below.

Well that's it for now. As you can see, two of the hottest video game franchises in the 1990s, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, have action figures that blend in well together scale wise. Courtesy of the companies Sota Toys and Jazwares , respectively . Also as you can see this post is comparing the height and size of figures from different franchises that are in the six inch scale. In the future there will be comparison shots of figures from different lines in other scales as well . Even tough this post is mainly meant for newbies in the action figure collecting community, I hope you old school collectors out there enjoyed this post as well .