Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dollar Store Finds - Part One !!!

If you're looking for toys with very low prices, what better place to visit than a dollar store ? Not only that, but you may bump into some figures that provide extra accessories and characters for your main collections that you pay good money for . That is one benefit  of owning Dollar Store figures . Two figures that I've purchased from a local Dollar Tree store compliment that benefit .

One figure is from a line titled " Robot Defender ", and the other from a line titled " Extreme Fighting ". Since they both are dollar store figures, they both are made out of low quality plastic . However, I purchased the Extreme Fighting figure not for the figure itself, but for the accessory that he came with . His chair . And you'll see why in a moment . The Robot Defender figure I purchased because of the figure. They come in more than just one color scheme and if you purchase a bunch of these guys you can start your own army builder sets.

If you can see on the sides clearly, you'll notice that you see the words "Snap Apart" and "Posable". I have not tried snapping the figure apart. So I'm assuming that you can put it back together after doing so.

As you can see the figure is very colorful and comes with a cool looking spear like weapon. Purchase plenty of these guys at any of your local dollar stores for only a dollar . Use them as attack robots for Dr. Doom , etc, . Let your imagination run wild . Below is the back of the packaging and a comparison shot to the Marvel Legend Superior Spider-Man figure .

Even though these guys are just around five inches at the shoulders, they fit in really well with six inch scaled figures. Now on to the Extreme Fighting figure .
Like I mentioned earlier, I purchased this figure only for the chair that he came with, not for the figure itself. The figure's not bad, he does have up and down leg and arm movement. Plus his knees bend. Both of these figures have decent articulation, however the fighting guy makes for good custom fodder for all of you customizers out there. Now for pics of his accessory, a chair .

As you can see these chairs are perfect for six inch scaled figures such as Marvel Legends, etc . If you want plenty of these chairs, than you'll have to buy a lot of this particular "Extreme Fighting" figure to get them . And like the robot he too is only a dollar. I hope this article proves to you that dollar store toys have their benefits to compliment the big name toys , in more ways than one . Stay tuned for more " Dollar Store Finds " articles in the future .


  1. The dollar store can hold some true treasures if look hard enough.

  2. I agree they sure can . And this is a good example of the treasures you mentioned.