Monday, September 1, 2014

HAPPY LABOR DAY 2014 !!! Tribute to suit and tie action figures .

What better way for an action figure website to celebrate Labor Day than by briefly reviewing over action figures based on all of us from the working class ? Or anyone with a job or career . In honor of Labor Day, here is a tribute to working class action figures . Or figures that are dressed like they are on the job . First up are the Happy Worker figures from the company called Happy Worker. The following are a few Happy Worker figures from my collection .

I love these figures they are really neat . For those of you whom may not know, the top pic is a boss. The second is a working mom . The third is a recruiter . And I really can't tell what the figure known as Alan Clusive is supposed to be. I assume that he is a contractor , probably with a construction company since he comes with a tool box . Now here's a look at just a few more working class figures and figures that look like they belong in the working class .

Jimmy Olsen has a nice job as a photographer for the Daily Planet, just like Peter Parker for the Daily Bugle . As for Commissioner Gordon, referred to as Lieutenant Gordon here, many of us probably look at him as more of a hero character than a working class character . But when you pause for a moment and think about his job / career , we realize that Gordon should be making a pretty good living financially because police lieutenants and commissioners have pretty good pay and benefits. The pic after Gordon is of another suit and tie guy Arvin Sloane from the Alias franchise . And finally a figure from the Buffy the Vampire / Angel line who is dressed like an office secretary .
That's it for now although there are plenty of more working class action figures out there, I just wanted to pay tribute to a select few in honor of LABOR DAY . Some more worth mentioning but not pictured are J. Jonah Jameson from the Toybiz Spider-Man movie, DC Direct Perry White , DC Direct Lois Lane, just to name a few . Again HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE AND ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF FROM WORK !!!