Sunday, August 31, 2014

AUGUST 2014 CONTEST !!! WIN a Mattel DC Universe Young Justice Superboy figure !!!

Win this carded ( MIB ) Mint in Box 3.75 inch scaled Superboy figure . The figure comes with a diorama collect and connect piece of the Hall of Justice . The following are pics of the figure that you can win .

The Hall of Justice piece is visible behind the figure in the third pic . He also comes with what looks like a muffler to a car as an accessory . Now here is the TRIVIA  QUESTION ................
This month's Trivia Question is looking for four answers . ( 1 ) Name of the company ( 2) Name of the toy line ( 3 ) Name of the figure with the black robe ( 4 ) Name of the figure with the purple and gold robe . Also match the robe to the correct figure .
You have until September 30, 2014 to come up with the correct answer . As always the FIRST correct answer is the winner . Good luck to you all !!!


  1. 1. Mattel
    2. WWE Elite Collection
    3. Edge
    4. William Regal

  2. That is CORRECT Jack Sparrow you've won the August 2014 Contest !!! Congradulations !!! I need you to e-mail me the shipping location details to .

  3. Headed your way shortly! Thanks for the contest and all of your reviews!