Wednesday, August 20, 2014


The MOTU Classics 2015 subscription has been reopened for this weekend through this August 25 . If you want you can go to for more details. And for those of you that may need some extra motivation to subscribe, look at who you can possibly get if the sub reaches its goal .
(1) Queen Angella
(2) Multi-Bot
(3) Dragstor
(4) Saurod
(5) More Filmation characters
(6) More New Adventure of He-Man characters
(7) Blast Attack
(8) Squeeze
(9) And many more !!!
This is what I love the most about MOTU Classics . Every aspect of MOTU is represented in this line. Vintage, Princess of Power , The Horde, The Snake Men , Filmation characters, Mike Young Productions characters, Mini comic characters you name it . Every avenue of the MOTU world represented.
So if you want to see all of those figures I mentioned above, then you must subscribe this weekend to make it happen . And you can make it happen by visiting the Matty Collector website at ) If you have a Facebook page you can help me promote this message by clicking the Facebook share button at the bottom of this post . Along with Twitter and other social media also.


  1. I thought this was the last year of it or is that next year? Then they were going to a Signature Series like they did with DC Classics?

  2. It'll be next year if the 2015 subscription reaches its goal. The similar signature like series that you mentioned might happen if the 2015 sub goal is successful .