Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ACTION FIGURE ADVERTISEMENTS - Masters of the Universe Classics ADS

Welcome to a new series of toy advertisements that will be featured on this site. The name of this category I'm labeling " ACTION  FIGURE  ADVERTISEMENTS ". This is a series meant for fun , but it is also meant as a guide . There may be some action figures of a certain toy line that you do not have in your collection . This feature may help you in that aspect . This does not just apply to MOTU , but to all categories of action figures to be featured . I'm starting this series off by displaying some old MOTU Classics Ads . All of these are ads from old Toyfare magazines . I've scanned these for you and put them in order by team . First up are He-Man and the Heroic Warriors .

Even though Zodac is considered neutral , he is most often seen aiding the Heroic Warriors . He has always been a mysterious character . Now on to Skeletor and the Evil Warriors .

Now that the original good guys and bad guys have been displayed , it's time for the spin off groups such as The Horde and Princess of Power . ( NOTE ) Every figure does NOT have an ad . By the time later figures came out , Toyfare was canceled .

This is all I could find for the Horde and POP . Here are the remaining ads .

There you go folks . Not that many of them but these ads are sure fun to read . There will be more posts like this in the near future . Categories that will be featured are in no particular order- (1) video game action figure ads ( 2) movie action figure ads (3) cartoon action figure ads and more. So be on the look out everyone they're coming . Hope you enjoyed this post . I love these ads they are really fun .


  1. I agree, he always has cool armor and nice capes. However I think I prefer the Filmation version .