Thursday, August 7, 2014


Here is my second installment of this series. Some interesting characters / figures that I have no idea who they are or where they came from . All of these figures come from those discounted "grab bags" that I love so much . There's no telling what you may find in those grab bags . Here goes .
Who is this guy ? A cool looking figure in my opinion with his light purple and blue colors. Add in the yellow and he is one colorful looking figure, literally . The cape is cloth . Decent articulation and he's almost exactly six inches tall as you can see . Looks like a super hero character to me .
This guy is right at six inches tall and I have no idea who he is neither . Since I do not know the character I'm not sure rather his right eye is covered by his hair or is it closed . Even looking at the toy it is difficult to tell . If you can recognize him he would make great custom fodder . Not just the figure but his clothes also. You can remove his boots,etc. and place them on another figure.
Need some extra characters / figures to display alongside your G.I. Joe figures ? This guy would be perfect for just that . The helmet does not come off however he looks as if he's a military themed character .
I have no idea who this diver is . He reminds me of Aquaman , but I do not think this is Aquaman in another outfit, even though he favors him and seems to be in the same profession . Dealing with water and the seas .
Who is this Yoshi looking character ? I've seen this character somewhere before a long time ago but can't quite put my finger on where he's from . Even though he kind of resembles Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. fame I know that's not Yoshi . However I do think he is a video game character . At least he looks like one.
Power Rangers ? I assume he is he looks like a Power Rangers character . I do not know since I've never been much of a Power Rangers fan . A cool six inch scaled figure though with some nice points of articulation.

Here's another figure that can fit in with your G.I. Joes . The reason I've taken two pics is because his yellow outfit almost camouflages with my twelve inch ruler . So I displayed a second pic of him without the ruler because of that, so that you can get a better look at him . Nice articulation and just like the life guard looking figure he too looks like a sea man .
Finally a character that I know . Even though I know it's Darkseid, I just don't know about what kind of toy this is supposed to be . Anyway you can press the lever on the back to make Darkseid move back and forth.

One of the vehicles out the the Tron franchise . This vehicle looks like a McDonalds Happy Meal toy but I'm not sure . As you can see one of the above mentioned figures can fit nicely on it .
Finally a wind up toy. I love wind up toys they are so much fun to watch zoom across whatever surface you lay them on . This little robot guy is pretty fast, and look at just how fast he is in the short video clip below .
There you go folks I hope you all enjoyed this article . Expect more like this in the future as I visit more flea markets and thrift stores .


  1. Pic 1 is Bibleman made by Tommy Nelson. Pic 2 is a Dollar general solder. Pic 3 is a chap mei soldier force figure. Pic 4 is the Chap Mei Deep Sea Adventure Diver Pic 5 is is a McDonald's Terrible Terror How to Train Your Dragon toy. pic 6 is Power Rangers White Dino Ranger. Pic 7 and 8 are also chap mei Deep Sea Adventure diver t. pic 9 is from the DC Universe Fighting Figures- Superman vs. Darkseid set .The last one is a knockoff Tomy Rascal Robot. That motorcycle is a part to something I think its a teen titan toy. Also the figure that you have that looks like a star trek borg that you showed in part one is also a Bibleman figuremade by Tommy Nelson , His name is El Furiso

  2. WOW thanks for the huge info Bro Midnight . It looks like I got a lot of Chap Mei stuff in my collection . And I love the Bibleman figures. I plan on purchasing more of these guys if there are any .

  3. HAHA Bibleman....That is that Atkins kid playing him from Charles in Charge.

  4. WOW so much stuff I did not know. Thanks Hobby. I did not know there was a Bibleman tv show neither . I just Googled Bibleman and found everything from the toys to the television show.

  5. Bible Man is the first one for sure.

  6. The first one John and in my opinion the coolest looking figure in this article .

  7. The cycle is definitely the same sculpt as the Robin Teen Titans cycle, but I never saw it in those colors. Your version looks like it must have come with Cyborg.

  8. It may be Eric. I thought it was from the Tron franchise but it looks like I could be wrong. Thanks for posting the link .