Sunday, November 30, 2014

Congratulations to Bro Midnight as the winner of the November 2014 Contest !!!

The following is proof that those feet and ankles belong to Marvel Legends Toybiz Elektra .

Again Congrats Bro Midnight . And good luck to everyone else in the next contest .

November 2014 CONTEST . WIN a FREE carded Alien Spider figure !!!

This month's prize you can win a dollar store figure that comes with some nice accessories and a nice action feature. It lights up . I reviewed over the Alien Spider figures earlier this month . The one that you can win is the red one, because the green one is the only one I opened . If you want to take a look back at that review , you can click this link  .

Here's a pic of the figure that you can win .
And here's the TRIVIA  QUESTION 
( 1 ) Give the name of the action figure . 
( 2 ) The name of the toy line . 
( 3 ) The name of the company . 

As always all contests are 30 days long . You have until December 30, 2014 to come up with the correct answer . Good luck to everyone .

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Screen shots of the Happy Honda Day commercials plus a small brief summary of them .

I'm pretty much sure many of you have already seen these Honda television commercials featuring old toys marketing a certain car . The first one I saw was the one with Skeletor . However I first saw the commercial on internet websites such as and . In other words I saw the commercial on the internet before I saw it on live television . My first reaction was that I was amazed at the animation of the old vintage 1980s Skeletor figure . So my first thought was that the commercial was probably fan made . But then later I saw the same commercial while I was watching Sunday Night Football on NBC . I then realized that these commercials are real and not fan made .
                    For those of you who may not have seen these commercials, it's not just Skeletor .
Other toy franchises included are Stretch Armstrong , Gumby , Strawberry Shortcake , Jem featuring G.I. Joe the original Joe from the nineteen sixties , and a toy line called Little People . Here are some screen shots I took with my camera off of my computer monitor screen . I used the same camera I use for pictures of the toys on this site . Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, however this is the result after taking photographs off a monitor with the flash feature off on the camera.

Out of all of the toys featured , the only ones that truly fit into the action figure category are Skeletor, Stretch Armstrong and G.I. Joe . Gumby started off originally as a tv show, not as toys .
As for the commercials themselves, I like them and think they are entertaining . As a huge Masters of the Universe fan , I was really glad to see Skeletor on television in promotion of something such as a car . On live television featuring a program that attracts millions of viewers . I bet a lot of old school He-Man fans from the 1980s probably googled not only Skeletor but He-Man as well, since he and BattleCat are featured in the commercial from a distance . Just think about it , Masters of the Universe has probably gained new fans since this commercial has aired . This is a good thing for Mattel, I kind of wish that the Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man , BattleCat and Skeletor were used in the commercial instead of the vintage figures. This commercial could help boost the lifespan of MOTU Classics .
As for Stretch Armstrong , there are two different toy versions of this character . The version you see in the commercial is from the nineteen seventies . A remade version of the character was introduced in the early 2000s . As you can see in the commercial Stretch is a cool toy that you can stretch his limbs to extreme lengths .
I think the best part about the Jem commercial featuring G. I . Joe was him flirting with her for a dance . Not only are these commercials fun but they are also amusing .
And even though I was not a collector of girl toys and still is not , it was nice to see Strawberry Shortcake because seeing her brought back good nostalgic memories such as browsing a Sears Wishbook Catalog . I remember quickly turning the pages on her and the other girl toys rushing to look at the all of the boy toys .
And I think I remember having some Little People figures as a kinder garden student . Ahh what good childhood nostalgic memories these commercials bring . You can view all of these commercials by visiting and type in " Happy Honda Days " in the search engine and they'll pull up . Enjoy them if you have not already .

Thursday, November 27, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! Toy lines throughout the years I am thankful for .

I know there are way more important things to be thankful for over toys and action figures . Such as family and friends, peace, etc. However since this is a TOY / ACTION FIGURE site , I must keep the theme action figure related . And what better way for an action figure site to give tribute to Thanksgiving Day than a list of toy lines, both past and present , I'm thankful for . Also I'll explain why I'm thankful for these toy lines . In no particular order here's the tribute to toys I'm thankful for .
I'm thankful for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel figures because these figures allow us collectors to display plain ordinary people along with our super hero figures such as Marvel Legends .  Not to mention that these figures come with some very cool accessories .
Out of all of the TMNT toy series , this version is one of my favorite Turtle lines . The Nickelodean figures from the year 2011 I think . Even though this version of April O" Neal is cartoonish loking, she still is pretty neat . But I really like how Splinter and the Turtles are done in this series .
LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT !!! Even though what you see here are all of the figures in this short lived toy line , these six inch scaled figures came with some very cool accessories . The following are pics of some of the accessories these figures came with .

A podium , broken chalkboard , a desk and chair are among the neat accessories available with the SNL figures .
Based on the Star Trek movie from the year 2008 I think , I love these six inch scaled Star Trek figures . Captain Kirk , Spock , and the whole original gang are here in the above pic .
Now for some current toy lines that are still going on . Marvel Legends 2002 - present . From Toybiz to Hasbro . The old Legends by Toybiz came with reprinted Marvel comic books where as the Hasbro Legends ended the comics . However both Toybiz and Hasbro has entertained us collectors with the Build-A- Figures ( BAF ) . Not to mention the most points of articulation ( POA ) ever seen in any toy line .
WWE Mattel figures . Even though Jakks Pacific had a big impact on WWE action figures, I like the Mattel WWE figures better because I feel that they look more realistic than the Jakks Pacific figures. What both Jakks and Mattel do have in common with WWE figures are the cool accessories that a lot of the wrestlers come with .
The Transformers. This franchise started in the 1980s and is even more stronger today than it was back then , thanks to four great movies and plenty of Autobots and Decepticons . Even though I don't have a whole lot of Transformers in my collection , this franchise has " MORE THAN MET THE EYE " over the years .
I collect a few Joe figures but not them all. I only collect my favorite Joe or Cobra characters as figures . I am a cherry picker when it comes to G.I. Joe figures, however this does not mean I'm not a fan of the franchise. These toys have helped produce two good movies among other stuff and just like the Transformers is one of Hasbro's biggest money makers . My favorite G.I. Joe figures are the 25th Anniversary figures .
Masters of the Universe Classics . I'm thankful for all of the MOTU toys , the vintage figures from the 1980s to the present day Classics . With the vintage versions not only did we get cool action figures with even cooler action features, but some neat weapons and miniature comic books referred to as mini comics . I love MOTU Classics mainly because every aspect of a MOTU character exist in this line. Everyone from characters from the cartoons , mini comics , etc . Plus the nice articulation of the Classics allow for some great individual and battle poses .
Now back to a fantastic toy line that has been discontinued . The DC Universe Classics.
Although this toyline went through several name changes, it is still the same franchise . It first started off as DC Superheroes, than DCU Classics , and ended as DC Signature Collection . For those of us that are and were fans of the Super Friends cartoon , I'm glad that a lot of the characters from the toon were made. We got all of the SuperFriends except Marvin, Wendy and Wonder Dog , and all of the Legion of Doom . These are my favorite versions of DC action figures, even though the DC Direct figures look more realistic , the DCUC figures have more articulation and posing options compared to most of those DC Direct figures . I wish Mattel could bring this line back . Love this toy line .
                      Well, that's it for now. There are many more action figure toy lines,
both past and present , that I am thankful for . However this is all I'm covering for now in this article. Hopefully I'll have another tribute like this in next year's Thanksgiving tribute , not using the same figures you see here of course . I hope you enjoyed this article . HAPPY THANKSGIVING AGAIN AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


These " World of Nintendo " figures by Jakks Pacific are pretty neat . This is not a normal basic review I usually do . There is no " Final Thoughts " section in this review because there is not that much to discuss about Diddy Kong, since he only has three points of articulation and no accessories . However these factors do not deter from the fact that he is a neat little action figure . And for a very great price . Only $ 3.99 at any local Walgreens store . This version of Diddy Kong is based on the game titled " Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze " , as it is displayed on the front of the package.

The main reason I purchased Diddy is because this version fits the character real well scale wise . If you want to pair him with his buddy Donkey Kong , then you may want the six inch version of Kong because the sizes will match just how they are in the video games .

Diddy is very small. As you can see is just under two inches tall . Much shorter than I thought , I thought he was at least three inches while inside the package before I opened it . As I already mentioned earlier , Diddy has only three points of articulation . Both of his arms move up and down . And his head moves left, right, and all around . No leg movement . The tail does not move either . The tail is bendy and rubbery but it does not rotate . The baseball cap does not come off , it is attached to his head . To get Diddy Kong to stand properly without falling you must pose him with his left hand touching the ground, just like you see in the above pic .
Now for some comparison shots of Diddy to some other tiny video game characters along with a comparison shot to a fellow primate from another franchise .
Even Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man make Diddy look small in this pic .
And here he is next to an aforementioned primate Gleek . The pet monkey of The Wonder Twins .
Now for a closer look at Diddy Kong's face .
A perfect likeness . He looks like he jumped right out of the video game . Even though Jakks Pacific is more famous for their work with WWE figures , hopefully the " World of Nintendo " figures  will grow into more characters as they are doing a fantastic job on this line in my opinion . Despite limitations , Diddy Kong is definitely worth adding to your action figure collection of video game characters .

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I've never had any negative thoughts about Mattel before , however I am still angry at the company for discontinuing the DC Universe Classics line . There are still so many characters that many of us wanted to get made . The "Total Heroes" series is their way I assume of making up for the loss of the DCU Classics line . Once I saw these figures for the first time, I was not interested in them at all . If this was the best Mattel could do after the end of the DCU Classics line, I was highly disappointed .And the reason being is because I felt like the figures look too cartoonish . That there is not enough realism in the design of the figures . However once I saw Mr. Freeze those negative thoughts quickly left my mind as I purchased the figure at a local Walmart for $ 9.97 . So if there's one advantage that Total Heroes have over DCU Classics are the cheaper prices .

Similar to DCUC is that the card backs have statistical information on the characters . One shocking stat about Mr.Freeze is him having superhuman strength . However I assume the strength is in his battle armor suit , not in his body , similar to Iron Man . When you remove Freeze from the package, the only thing that looks cartoon-ish about him in my opinion is his face . Other than that his body armor has the look and feel of a DCUC . One could say that Freeze comes with two accessories depending on how you view things. The removable helmet that is already attached to his head and his freeze gun .
Freeze's gun is very detailed  with circuitry and buttons . The helmet as you can see is removable and is reminiscent of Man-E-Faces helmet in my opinion . The gun fits into Freeze's left hand only, as his right hand is a closed fist . You must pry Freeze's fingers open a little to fit the weapon into his grasp .( NOTE) If you open the package Mr.Freeze is in really fast like I did, the helmet might fly off his head . So open this toy with caution . As for the figure itself, another similarity it has to DCUC is the articulation . The Total Heroes figures have the same basic articulation as DCU Classics .

I love the blue and black colors on this version of Mr.Freeze . In my opinion, it looks much better than the pink and white Mr. Freeze from the Bat-Man Legacy series . Freeze's shoulder pads rotate up and down . And you can press these rectangle spring loaded buttons on his gauntlets . Also you can see that Freeze is a little over six inches tall , as it also seems that he is slightly taller than some DCUC figures, as seen in the comparison pics below .

The reason for the comparison pics is to let you decide if this Mr.Freeze figure fits in with some or any DCU Classics . I assume the reason for the extra height is because the man is in an armored suit. That it is the armored suit allowing him to be just a tad taller than everyone else . After all this Total Heroes line is supposed to be in the same scale as DCUC . Another tidbit about Freeze's helmet , if you want to know if it can fit onto the heads of other figures, the answer is yes . However you may have nothing underneath the helmet to support it onto another figure , as the pic below of the Joker proves this statement to be true .
                                                FINAL   THOUGHTS
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - No ab crunch , however I am not bothered by this . Head movement is very tight and somewhat restricted , no up and down head movement. The rest of the articulation is very similar to any DCUC figure .

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY  - No balance issues. Freeze stands really well thanks to his big shoes .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? Very colorful with these shades of blue mixed with black . Removable helmet . COOL looking battle armor , ( pun not intended ) , movable shoulder pads .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? The cartoon like face. His left elbow is kind of loose . I'm not sure if all of the Total Heroes Freeze figures are like this or is it just my copy of the figure ?

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? A realistic looking face . Removable shades / glasses .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE - On a scale of 1 through 10 I give Mr. Freeze an 9.0 . The minuses are for the limited head movement ,  loose left elbow , and the cartoonish face . Even though the cartoon like face is intentional because this line is aimed more at kids than it is to the adult collector , I still prefer a realistic looking face with realistic features such as wrinkles,etc . Despite the flaws this Freeze figure is still very COOL . ( PUN INTENDED ) .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS - I know that these Total Heroes figures are aimed at kids and not adults , however I feel like this Mr. Freeze figure can fit in really well with the more realistic looking DCUC figures . Especially if you display Freeze wearing his helmet , you could barely tell the difference comparing him to a DCUC from a distance . This is the reason I purchased him, because he looks like he may " fit in" with DCU Classics . Plus I passed on the pink and white Mr. Freeze from the Bat-Man Legacy series and decided to purchase this one instead . Despite the cartoonish face , you will not be disappointed with the rest of the figure .

Saturday, November 15, 2014

NEW Marvel Facebook Group for Marvel Figure Collectors and Marvel Comics !!!

Check out my new Facebook Group if you are both a fan of Marvel action figures and comics . You can buy and sell figures and comics, along with starting discussions about toys or comics.  You can visit and request to join by clicking the following link  Marvel Comics & Action Figure Community . You've made it when you see the following pic of Iron Man

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dollar Store Finds - PART TWO !!!

This second installment of Dollar Store finds focuses on two toy brands. One is a series with ninja like figures and the others are military themed figures. The ninja like figures are referred to as "Alien Spider", and the military themed figures have no special name at all, they are simply just referred to as "Military Action Figure ", as it is displayed on the packaging. As for the military figures,I did not buy these toys for the action figures themselves, but for the cool accessories they come with . A lot of the accessories can fit in with a lot of six inched scaled lines .

First I'm going to review over the Alien Spider figures . As you can see they come in more than just one color, red and green being the case here. Articulation wise these figures are nothing special . Just basic limited points of articulation ( POA ) . The arms move up and down , the legs move up down . No side to side or outward movement for either of the limbs . The heads just turn left and right, no up and down movement . They do have a very cool action feature though, as you see on the packaging that they light up , glow in the dark . However it does not have to be dark for the feature to be effective, the light up feature also functions well in very dim light or well lit areas for that matter.

The above pictures does not do the light up features justice. It looks better in person than it does in these pictures . Another cool feature you'll notice about the Alien Spider figures is that they are made in a translucent plastic . Also in the pic below you see they stand at around five inches tall .

You have to press the black button in the figure's navel to make the light up feature work . As for accessories, they come with quite a bit of them . All of them are weapons except for the helmet . The helmet snaps apart and snaps back together again . As you can see the weapons consist of two different types of swords, three shooting stars , a machete like weapon along with two claw like devices for the arms.

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of these accessories are a perfect fit for big brand name six inch scaled figures such as Marvel Legends . As you can see in the pic above the Superior Spider-Man figure is a perfect model for the helmet .
Now on to the military figures .

These figures do not have as many accessories as the Alien Spider figures, but the accessories are cool none the less . As for the figures themselves , the highest compliment I can give them is that since they are military themed , they may look at home next to some of your old G.I. Joe figures for display purposes .
As you can see they are a little over three inches tall and they hold their hand held accessories very well . My favorite accessory pieces are the paddle and canoe that the navy  type character comes with, and the police shield and missile launcher that the army type figure comes with . As a matter of fact, there is one missile launching stand and two different types of missile projectiles. One of them is a two piece bazooka attachment .

Again Superior Spider-Man is being used as a model for reference purposes . And if you are a customizer , you can see that the police shield could use a nice paint job . It still looks neat though in my opinion, even in a dull light shade of gray, but may look even cooler painted . The following pic is the back of the card the military figures are displayed on . The pic below that is what's on the back of the Alien Spider packaging.
GOOD LUCK to everyone in finding these figures on both the internet and in person . Since dollar store figures almost always change constantly . You can clearly see the address and the name of the company of the Alien Spider figures in the pic above . The address for the Military figures is as follows - Greenbrier International Inc.
              500 Volvo Parkway
             Chesapeake , VA 23320
( NOTE ) Do not just go by a company's address as that too can change, A tip for finding these figures is to type in the company name in any big name search engine such as Google, AOL, Bing, etc . This way you may find them . Hope that helps.
Also you'll notice that I've only opened only ONE of the Alien Spider figures, not both . I opened only the green one and left the red one carded . The reason why is because I plan on giving the red one away one day in one of the future monthly contests . So stay tuned to the updates so that you can win that particular figure .