Wednesday, November 26, 2014


These " World of Nintendo " figures by Jakks Pacific are pretty neat . This is not a normal basic review I usually do . There is no " Final Thoughts " section in this review because there is not that much to discuss about Diddy Kong, since he only has three points of articulation and no accessories . However these factors do not deter from the fact that he is a neat little action figure . And for a very great price . Only $ 3.99 at any local Walgreens store . This version of Diddy Kong is based on the game titled " Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze " , as it is displayed on the front of the package.

The main reason I purchased Diddy is because this version fits the character real well scale wise . If you want to pair him with his buddy Donkey Kong , then you may want the six inch version of Kong because the sizes will match just how they are in the video games .

Diddy is very small. As you can see is just under two inches tall . Much shorter than I thought , I thought he was at least three inches while inside the package before I opened it . As I already mentioned earlier , Diddy has only three points of articulation . Both of his arms move up and down . And his head moves left, right, and all around . No leg movement . The tail does not move either . The tail is bendy and rubbery but it does not rotate . The baseball cap does not come off , it is attached to his head . To get Diddy Kong to stand properly without falling you must pose him with his left hand touching the ground, just like you see in the above pic .
Now for some comparison shots of Diddy to some other tiny video game characters along with a comparison shot to a fellow primate from another franchise .
Even Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man make Diddy look small in this pic .
And here he is next to an aforementioned primate Gleek . The pet monkey of The Wonder Twins .
Now for a closer look at Diddy Kong's face .
A perfect likeness . He looks like he jumped right out of the video game . Even though Jakks Pacific is more famous for their work with WWE figures , hopefully the " World of Nintendo " figures  will grow into more characters as they are doing a fantastic job on this line in my opinion . Despite limitations , Diddy Kong is definitely worth adding to your action figure collection of video game characters .