Thursday, January 31, 2019

No winner for the December 2018 Contest .

Unfortunately no one won the December 2018 Contest . Below is what was shown.

Below are the answers. 

WWE Mattel Charlotte Flair and Star Wars Black Series Han Solo . The first pair of boots posted belong to her and the shiny black ones to him . 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January 2019 Contest !!! Win 10 dollars via Paypal !!!

List the name of the figure and the toy line .
Contest expires February 28, 2019 . GOOD  LUCK  TO EVERYONE !!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Some of Action Figure Man's favorite action figures of 2018 !!!

Since it's January and a lot of 2019 figures of various lines have not made stores yet, here's a look at some of my favorite action figures from last year . A lot of these figures have already been reviewed here on this site and a few of them have not . Also notice that the title of this post refers to " SOME " of my favorite action figures from the year 2018, not all, with emphasis on the word some. If I list everything that would be too many too list . I also give reasons as to why I like each figure so much .
DC  Multiverse Spoiler figure - highlights of this figure in my opinion are her cape and triple nunchuks . The luxury of displaying her at multiple attack angles is fun .
Marvel Legends Erik Killmonger - One of the best Marvel Legends of the year of 2018 . Love the pivot shoulders .
Star Wars Black Series Qi'Ra - She looks great I love the realistic face sculpt and her civilian look with casual everyday attire/ clothing .
WWE Mattel Mean Gene Okerlund - One of the best WWE Mattel figures . The best features being that you can switch jackets with Gene, deciding rather you want him in the blue in the pic above or the extra red one.
WWE Mattel Alundra Blayze - The luxury of having another old school WWE Diva in the line along with being a former WWE Women's Champion .
Marvel Legends Nakia - From the first Black Panther wave . A great start for the Dora Milaje army builders .
Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus - I recently purchased this Doc Oc figure from last year so there is no review on this site for him at the time of this writing . The things I like best about this figure is that you can see his eyes underneath, his angry facial expression with the gritty teeth, good details in the face and hair and finally a new action figure body mold . Nicely done Hasbro.
Marvel Legends Cloak and Dagger - Just recently purchased these two also so they have not been reviewed on this site at the time of this writing. Even though they come separate however I chose to pose them together since they are a couple. The best thing I think about Cloak is that you can pose him in multiple display options . As for Dagger she looks great. Nice facial sculpt and the luxury of the multiple poses that can be displayed with her using her dagger light accessory .
DC Multiverse Mera - Based on the recently released successful Aquaman movie, I love her colorful blueish green costume with the shiny glitter, nice facial sculpt and the extra hands with the water blasts allow for multiple display options .
Marvel Legends Everett Ross - Comes with the unmasked Erik Killmonger figure, Ross is another nice addition to the suit and tie guys in the franchise .
Marvel Legends unmasked Erik Killmonger - This is the same Killmonger figure as the first one the only differences are a new paint scheme and the unmasked head .

Monday, January 21, 2019

A look back at the Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King action figure .

Happy MLK Day everyone in celebration of the holiday here's a look back at that very cool looking realistic action figure of Dr. King himself. From an old article click the following link ---

Monday, January 14, 2019

A look at a Top 20 action figure list of 2018 !!!

Here is another look at another Youtuber's video content. This You-tuber goes by the name " TalkerArt" and the following video of his is his look back , in his opinion the Top 20 action figures/toys of 2018 . There are a lot of other Top 10 action figure lists on Youtube however this is one of the few Top 20 lists. Here's the link to his video and enjoy - .

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

My favorite action figure Youtube videos - Volume 2 - History of Masters of the Universe 1982 Edition !!!

This is another video from the same guy that made that history of Transformers video - the Youtuber known as Michael Mercy and here is his video documentary of the Vintage Masters of the Universe line - .

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!!! My 2019 Action Figure Wish List !!!

Happy New Year everyone !!! I'll start this post with my 2019 ACTION  FIGURE  WISH  LIST  For some big name well known six inch scaled toy lines .

      Action Figure Wish List  for  2019  !!! 

( 1 )  For  MASTERS  OF  THE  UNIVERSE  CLASSICS  - To finally have Snake Mountain available for purchase . Want more characters ( to many to name ) from the Filmation toon . Also the 1987 movie likenesses of Teela, He-Man and Skeletor along with maybe a few more characters from the film.

( 2 ) For  STAR  WARS  THE  BLACK  SERIES  -  Would like to see more vehicles produced .

( 3 ) For  MARVEL  LEGENDS  -   Still waiting on Nitro, Namorita and some more New Warriors, among others . Tighter joints on the ab crunches .

( 4 )  For  WWE  MATTEL  -   I'm still waiting on some old school wrestlers such as Koko B. Ware the Birdman , Chyna , Nailz, etc .

( 5 )  For  DC  MULTIVERSE  -  To continue where DC Universe Classics left off .

( 6 )  DREAMING  OF  - I've been wanting SIX INCH SCALED  G.I. JOE figures for years now and still do .

( 7 )   Also Dreaming of  -  Six inch scaled Fortnite figures . The four inch figures that are out now are nice however I still would love six inch figures of these characters .

 That's it for my wish list for this year . I'll end this post with a look back at past tributes through the following link . I hope everyone have a great year and may God Bless you all this year and beyond !!! Here's a link the the 2018 New Year's  Day Tribute  -

Here's a link to the 2017 tribute. It has links in it to the 2015 tribute as well -