Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!!! My 2019 Action Figure Wish List !!!

Happy New Year everyone !!! I'll start this post with my 2019 ACTION  FIGURE  WISH  LIST  For some big name well known six inch scaled toy lines .

      Action Figure Wish List  for  2019  !!! 

( 1 )  For  MASTERS  OF  THE  UNIVERSE  CLASSICS  - To finally have Snake Mountain available for purchase . Want more characters ( to many to name ) from the Filmation toon . Also the 1987 movie likenesses of Teela, He-Man and Skeletor along with maybe a few more characters from the film.

( 2 ) For  STAR  WARS  THE  BLACK  SERIES  -  Would like to see more vehicles produced .

( 3 ) For  MARVEL  LEGENDS  -   Still waiting on Nitro, Namorita and some more New Warriors, among others . Tighter joints on the ab crunches .

( 4 )  For  WWE  MATTEL  -   I'm still waiting on some old school wrestlers such as Koko B. Ware the Birdman , Chyna , Nailz, etc .

( 5 )  For  DC  MULTIVERSE  -  To continue where DC Universe Classics left off .

( 6 )  DREAMING  OF  - I've been wanting SIX INCH SCALED  G.I. JOE figures for years now and still do .

( 7 )   Also Dreaming of  -  Six inch scaled Fortnite figures . The four inch figures that are out now are nice however I still would love six inch figures of these characters .

 That's it for my wish list for this year . I'll end this post with a look back at past tributes through the following link . I hope everyone have a great year and may God Bless you all this year and beyond !!! Here's a link the the 2018 New Year's  Day Tribute  -

Here's a link to the 2017 tribute. It has links in it to the 2015 tribute as well -

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