Saturday, February 28, 2015

FEBRUARY 2015 CONTEST !!! Win two FREE carded super hero miniature figure packs !!!

Well in case of the Guardians of the Galaxy toys it's two instead of one. Here is what you can win from the February 2015 Contest .

A Superman " Man of Steel " figure and the Guardians of the Galaxy set you see is what you can win . Now here are the pics for the TRIVIA  QUESTION 

Here's the TRIVIA  ...................................

Give the names of the toy lines that the above figures are from . The robots and the bearded knight . Who are they ?

As always all contests are 30 days long . Because of February being a shorter month than others , the deadline for this contest is March 28 , 2015 .

Also as always the FIRST CORRECT ANSWER is the winner !!! Good Luck to everyone !!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Masters of the Universe Classics - Ninja Warrior AKA Ninjor Review !!!

Even though this figure is now known as Ninja Warrior instead of just Ninjor , I'm going to refer to him as " NINJOR " , his original name, throughout this article / review . From what I understand , another toy company has the copyrights to the name "Ninjor" , thus Mattel had to take an alternate route with a similar name . Ninjor was one of the last remaining figures of the old vintage Masters of the Universe 1980s line, and here he is finally in MOTU Classics . If you have a subscription to this year's service, not only do you get Ninjor in the month of February but also a Snake Armor He-Man and Battle Armor King Hiss two pack, which I plan on reviewing over these two figures on Sunday . For now let's look at Ninjor .

Some note worthy tidbits of information to point out from the bio , is that Ninjor has great speed, skill and silence . The silence part means he can sneak up on people without them hearing his footsteps . Plus we find out that he is secretly working for Horde Prime , spying on Skeletor . I don't like the idea of Mattel going this route, making Ninjor a spy for the Horde. However if this was meant to be I feel that a Horde symbol should have came with him , just like with Tung Lashor or the Fighting Foe Men . As for the figure itself, below are pics of it out of the packaging . Also his real name is unknown . One of the few characters / figures with an unknown real name .

When I first heard the news that the cloth the original figure wore would be replaced with plastic , I was disappointed . However once receiving the figure in hand I was and still am very pleased . The plastic looks cool and so does the figure . When comparing this Ninjor figure to the original , there are several things that are missing and several things that have been changed . Here's a list of what's missing from this figure that the original had , along with changes that were made .

                       HERE IS WHAT'S MISSING from MOTUC Ninjor that the original had, along with  MAJOR CHANGES . 

( 1 ) No spring loaded right arm . The original had this feature .

( 2 ) The cloth shirt has been replaced with plastic .

( 3 ) The chain for his nunchucks has also been replaced by plastic . I'm okay with the cloth being converted to plastic but not the nunchuck chain being converted into it . I prefer the metal because of the realism it brings to the figure. However I assume that this was a cost cutting method by Mattel in production of the figure . I fully understand why they did this but still does not like it .

( 4 ) The face on the MOTUC version has red demonic like eyes, where as the original has black dots displayed for eyes .

( 5 ) We had the luxury of removing a mask to reveal a face underneath for the vintage figure, where as MOTUC Ninjor has two removable heads, one masked and unmasked .

Now let's have a look at the accessories Ninjor comes with .

As you can see he comes with a quite a few accessories . A katana sword , nunchucks , bow and arrow , an extra head , a loincloth piece and a pouch on his back used to carry his weapons . By the way , the pouch is an extra accessory that the original did not have . I like the pouch a lot, as you can see it has two hooks to hold the weapons . The arrows inside the pouch are sculpted together . Even though the loincloth piece comes with Ninjor , it really fits the look of Jitsu even more, giving him his 200X look of his staction figure .
Now for a look at this Ninjor figure with the unmasked head .

Taking a small break from Ninjor the ACTION FIGURE to talk about Ninjor as a CHARACTER for a moment . Sometimes I wonder if this guy is human . The red demonic like eyes, along with the claw like feet make me wonder this , even though he looks human . Then again maybe his shoes / boots are shaped with claw like features .
My favorite weapon that belongs to this Ninjor figure is his sword , because he can be displayed in many sword fighting poses against other figures with swords, such as He-Man himself . Plus I love how the flash from my camera gives his sword that glittery shiny look , giving off the illusion as if it's real metal . Below are three display sword fighting pics just for fun .

Finally , here's another pic I'm just throwing in for fun . If you want to create a make believe diorama home piece for this figure , then what better diorama piece to use than this Japanese dojo from the " Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon toy line ? Based on the movie with the same name .
                                                                FINAL   THOUGHTS  
( 1 ) ARTICULATION - Ninjor has the same basic normal articulation as any other MOTUC figure .

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY - Once you get his knees in that proper stance, the figure stands just fine with no balance issues .

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? His sword , the black and red colors blend well together , plus is it just me or does his arms seem to be thinner than the average MOTUC figure? This is not a complaint however, I like this . It makes sense since he is a character of speed, agility and quickness . So therefore a character of these attributes should not be big and bulky . Great job Horsemen .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? There is nothing in my opinion to dislike about this figure , he is totally cool . However I am disappointed that the nunchuck chain was replaced with plastic .

( 5 ) WHAT  COULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? Make the nunchuck chain metal , insert the removable mask and spring loaded right arm features . Then again, now that I think about it, a spring loaded right arm would interfere with articulation . However I still think it would have been cool if he had this feature, paying homage to the original figure .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE -  FIGURE ONLY - a perfect 10 . I can find no flaws in the figure alone .  FIGURE plus ACCESSORIES -  a 9.5 . The minus is for the nunchuck chain not being metal .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS -  It feels great to add Ninjor to my collection . However due to the bio , it is now confusing on what faction to display him with . Do I still display him with Skeletor and his crew , or display him with the Horde ? Decisions, decisions , but a fun decision to make under these circumstances when it comes down to toys .

Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Tribute to BLACK HISTORY MONTH - Action Figure Style !!!

We all know that the month of February is not just for Valentine's Day , but it is also Black History Month . And what better way for an action figure website to celebrate Black History Month with a Wish List of black action figures set to debut this year , along with black action figures that I would like to see from a few toy lines ? First of all , here are some pics of some black action figures that are supposed to debut this year . ( NOTE ) These pics are not mine. They belong to .

As you can see they are all black female action figures. As you can see the one at the top is named Zoe Washburne . The woman in the middle is Maggie from the Evolve Legacy Collection . And Misty Knight of Marvel Legends is who you see above . Can't wait to get all three of these figures, they look really cool plus they all are in the six inch scale . 
Starting with a few big name toy lines .  


 ( 1) Koko B. Ware - Why is it taking so long for the Birdman to appear in the line ? Along with his pet parakeet ?

( 2 ) Ms. Jackie aka Jacqueline 

( 3 ) Kharma - aka as Awesome Kong from other wrestling companies. 


( 1 ) Melaktha - a black archaeologist character from the Filmation cartoon .

( 2 ) Prince Dakon - a character from one of the mini comics that came with the old MOTU figures from the 1980s . 

STAR WARS BLACK SERIES - 6 inch scale 

( 1 ) Mace Windu - character played by Samuel L. Jackson .

( 2 ) Lando Calrissian - character played by Billy Dee Williams . 

As you can see there are still quite a few black characters and personalities that have not yet been made into action figures at the time of this writing . Hopefully one day we can see figures of all of the above mentioned some day . 
Also here is a link to last year's Black History Action Figure Tribute , just in case if you missed it . Enjoy . 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Congratulations to Bro Midnight for winning the January 2015 Contest !!!

Here are the pictures to the Trivia Question of  the January 2015 Contest

One had to come up with the correct names to all three of the above characters and here they are

Congratulations once again to Bro Midnight . Here's the link to last month's contest

Monday, February 16, 2015

A look back at just a few highlights of the NEW YORK TOY FAIR 2015 !!!

I did not go to the New York Toy Fair, just browsing it over the internet. There were a lot of toy lines that caught my attention with new stuff, WWE Mattel and DC Collectibles to name a few . But the two toy lines that caught my attention the most were Masters of the Universe Classics and Marvel Legends . Therefore I will focus only on these two lines for this article . First a summary of the MOTU Classic highlights . ( NOTE ) These pics are NOT mine . They belong to Toy News Illustrated ( ) . I'm using them here for reference purposes .

Five new figures were revealed for Masters of the Universe Classics . They are ( 1) Evil Seed ( 2) Ceratus ( 3 ) Calix ( 4 ) Mara and ( 5 ) Peekablue . There was also a head pack revealed called " Heads of Eternia " . ( NOTE ) If you want the figures of the first three figures pictured above , then you must SUBSCRIBE to the 200X  subscription . Six figures are in the subscription and the top three pics are three out of the six . The subscription starts Monday February 23, 2015 and end on March 23 , 2015 .
The three figures I am most excited about are Mara, Evil Seed and Ceratus . Mara because she looks cool and we get another key member of the Galactic Guardians added to our collection . Evil Seed because many of us MOTU fans have been wanting a figure of this character for a long time, be it the Filmation or Mike Young version , and because he is a powerful villain with cool powers. Ceratus allows us the option of displaying a 200X Whiplash , or another Caligar because of the extra Whiplash heads.
I think all of the new reveals look cool however we must go into our wallets once again to obtain Ceratus, Evil Seed , and Calix . Not to mention the three other unseen figures/ characters .
So please if you're interested , purchase a sub from Matty Collector at .
Now on to the Marvel Legends . Most of the legends were remakes of characters that already have figures . But here are pics of the FIRST TIME in the line Marvel Legends .

The figures pictured above in the order they are shown are ( 1 ) Misty Knight ( 2 ) White Tiger ( 3) Grim Reaper ( 4 ) Tiger Shark ( 5 ) Blizzard ( 6 ) Thundra ( 7 ) Chameleon with interchangeable heads of J. Jonah Jameson and Hammerhead . and finally ( 8 ) Superior Venom .
Of the new figures introduced , the ones I'm looking the most forward to are Misty Knight, White Tiger , Thundra and Chameleon . The others are super cool too, but the aforementioned ones are the ones I may purchase first . Really looking forward to Chameleon after all of these years as a Spidey villain, and the extra heads make me want to purchase this figure even more now .
As for characters that have already had Marvel Legend figures made of them before , here are two that I think may be upgrades over their old Toybiz counterparts .

Wasp I think is a huge upgrade over the old Toybiz figure. It looks like Hasbro is finally catching up with Toybiz in the quality department . The old Toybiz Wasp was too tall and too thin because the character has always been portrayed as a lot shorter with a heavier build in the comics . Hasbro got the Wasp right this time . Bruce Banner was last seen as a Marvel Legend in the old Toybiz Hulk Classics line . He came with a Hulk figure as Banner was dressed in a white laboratory coat .  Here he is now as the version from the Avengers movies . Great job Hasbro I'm looking forward to all of these figures including ones not pictured in this article.
That's it folks for this little summary of New York Toy fair 2015 . It also looks like the NY Toy Fair had some competition from another event this past weekend , the NBA All-Star 2015 festivities . So if you were in New York City this weekend , and if your're both a basketball fan and action figure fan , than there was plenty of fun to be had. The NBA All Star game and Toy Fair all in the same week in the same city. Wow, I wish I was there but I was not . Anyway I hope you enjoyed this article / summary and to learn more about these and other toys , then visit .

Friday, February 13, 2015

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!! A Action Figure Tribute to Valentine's 2015 !!!

This year Action Figure Imagery pays tribute to action figures that are family members or are like family . Last year a tribute was made for characters that have action figures that were or are lovers. Here's the  link to last year's Valentine's Day tribute .
As we all know Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. Friends and family members can exchange Valentine pleasantries too . Here's a look at just a few DC and Marvel characters that are family members .

As most of us know, Hulk and She-hulk are cousins, and so are Superman and Supergirl .There are several more action figures that are family not pictured such as Man-At-Arms and Teela, just to name a few . HAPPY VALENTINE'S Day again everyone !!! God Bless!!!