Monday, February 2, 2015

An Action Figure Tribute to the 2015 SuperBowl Champions New England Patriots !!!

I'm a fan of both the NFL and action figures. For those of you that are also fans of both , including being a fan of the New England Patriots star Quarterback Tom Brady . For those of you that may not have known about this particular action figure of him , it came out several years ago distributed by McFarlane Toys .
Despite having two interceptions in the Super Bowl , he otherwise had a great game with at least two touchdown passes and 37 completions . Even though I have this figure in my collection , I am not a Patriots fan but I do feel that Brady is one of the top five quarterbacks in the National Football League . I wanted to see the Seattle Seahawks win because I wanted to see someone repeat for a change. It is so difficult to become a repeat champion .
Back to the figure. It came with two other accessories . Brady's football helmet and a piece of grass stand from the football field .

I could not find the grass piece in time for this tribute . I mainly purchased this figure for the helmet itself . Unfortunately it does not fit on Brady's head, it is just a decorative piece to fit into his left open palm . As far as articulation goes , both of his ankles twist around and so does his left arm starting below the shoulder .
The helmet also has a movable chin strap . This figure however is mainly meant for display purposes.
There you have it. Since it is the day after the Super Bowl , plus I already had this figure a few years ago anyway, I've decided to have this tribute to this now Four-Time Superbowl Champion Tom Brady .
So for all of you action figure fans that are also Patriot fans , and never knew that this figure existed , than this post is for you !!! For those of you that love to collect sports memorabilia of your favorite team , including action figures, you may want to give this figure a try out in your collection .