Monday, February 16, 2015

A look back at just a few highlights of the NEW YORK TOY FAIR 2015 !!!

I did not go to the New York Toy Fair, just browsing it over the internet. There were a lot of toy lines that caught my attention with new stuff, WWE Mattel and DC Collectibles to name a few . But the two toy lines that caught my attention the most were Masters of the Universe Classics and Marvel Legends . Therefore I will focus only on these two lines for this article . First a summary of the MOTU Classic highlights . ( NOTE ) These pics are NOT mine . They belong to Toy News Illustrated ( ) . I'm using them here for reference purposes .

Five new figures were revealed for Masters of the Universe Classics . They are ( 1) Evil Seed ( 2) Ceratus ( 3 ) Calix ( 4 ) Mara and ( 5 ) Peekablue . There was also a head pack revealed called " Heads of Eternia " . ( NOTE ) If you want the figures of the first three figures pictured above , then you must SUBSCRIBE to the 200X  subscription . Six figures are in the subscription and the top three pics are three out of the six . The subscription starts Monday February 23, 2015 and end on March 23 , 2015 .
The three figures I am most excited about are Mara, Evil Seed and Ceratus . Mara because she looks cool and we get another key member of the Galactic Guardians added to our collection . Evil Seed because many of us MOTU fans have been wanting a figure of this character for a long time, be it the Filmation or Mike Young version , and because he is a powerful villain with cool powers. Ceratus allows us the option of displaying a 200X Whiplash , or another Caligar because of the extra Whiplash heads.
I think all of the new reveals look cool however we must go into our wallets once again to obtain Ceratus, Evil Seed , and Calix . Not to mention the three other unseen figures/ characters .
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Now on to the Marvel Legends . Most of the legends were remakes of characters that already have figures . But here are pics of the FIRST TIME in the line Marvel Legends .

The figures pictured above in the order they are shown are ( 1 ) Misty Knight ( 2 ) White Tiger ( 3) Grim Reaper ( 4 ) Tiger Shark ( 5 ) Blizzard ( 6 ) Thundra ( 7 ) Chameleon with interchangeable heads of J. Jonah Jameson and Hammerhead . and finally ( 8 ) Superior Venom .
Of the new figures introduced , the ones I'm looking the most forward to are Misty Knight, White Tiger , Thundra and Chameleon . The others are super cool too, but the aforementioned ones are the ones I may purchase first . Really looking forward to Chameleon after all of these years as a Spidey villain, and the extra heads make me want to purchase this figure even more now .
As for characters that have already had Marvel Legend figures made of them before , here are two that I think may be upgrades over their old Toybiz counterparts .

Wasp I think is a huge upgrade over the old Toybiz figure. It looks like Hasbro is finally catching up with Toybiz in the quality department . The old Toybiz Wasp was too tall and too thin because the character has always been portrayed as a lot shorter with a heavier build in the comics . Hasbro got the Wasp right this time . Bruce Banner was last seen as a Marvel Legend in the old Toybiz Hulk Classics line . He came with a Hulk figure as Banner was dressed in a white laboratory coat .  Here he is now as the version from the Avengers movies . Great job Hasbro I'm looking forward to all of these figures including ones not pictured in this article.
That's it folks for this little summary of New York Toy fair 2015 . It also looks like the NY Toy Fair had some competition from another event this past weekend , the NBA All-Star 2015 festivities . So if you were in New York City this weekend , and if your're both a basketball fan and action figure fan , than there was plenty of fun to be had. The NBA All Star game and Toy Fair all in the same week in the same city. Wow, I wish I was there but I was not . Anyway I hope you enjoyed this article / summary and to learn more about these and other toys , then visit .