Monday, January 19, 2015

Action Figure Imagery Salutes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Action Figure Style !!!

In honor of this great man on this holiday that celebrates his birthday, Action Figure Imagery pays tribute by displaying toys in his likeness . I originally did not know there were action figures of him. ( NOTE ) These are NOT my pictures. They belong to the website of the toy company that made the figure . I do not own this figure in my collection and did not have time to purchase it in time for this review .However even though I don't own this figure, I had to pay tribute to the Dr. King Holiday action figure style .  Here are the pics .

Even though I do not own this figure, everything about it look wise is spectacular . The figure looks so realistic looking , you can even see the curls in his hair . Amazing work by this company, which I never heard of before until recently . The accessories he comes with are very detailed too I see. That Holy Bible looks great, just like the real thing . And I love how the podium is done with the extra microphones .
Like I already mentioned, I never heard of the toy company before. If the average toy collector saw this Dr. King figure without seeing the company name, they would probably think it was from the company known as Hot Toys . Hot Toys , the same company that has similar celebrity figures to this one. For those of you whom may not know , Hot Toys have "12 realistic action figures of NBA stars Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, just to name a few. This Dr. King figure looks as if he is made from Hot Toys , but he is not .
If you wish to purchase the Dr. King figure you may have to go to Ebay or . Unfortunately it looks like you can not purchase the figure from the company's website. However if you want to visit the site not just to learn more about the Dr. King figure but other figures as well , you can visit .
In my opinion , this Dr. King figure can also be used as a work of art rather than as a toy . Imagine how this figure would look inside of a glass china cabinet . In my opinion this figures makes a great decorative piece as well as a toy .
Now on to another Dr. King toy product, if you consider this a toy .
Should Bobble Head Dolls be considered toys ???  Although I think the Bobble head looks okay , it is not as cool looking or realistic looking in my opinion,  as the Dr. King 12 inch figure already mentioned in this article . Speaking of the figure, I think it does indeed looks like the actual man . Good luck in trying to get this figure for a great price however, from the looks of certain Ebay auctions you may end up paying a little over a 100 dollars for it . The figure looks great but the prices not so much .
That's it for now folks. What better way for an action figure website to honor this great human being other than using toys that display his likeness ?  Hope you enjoyed the article .