Saturday, January 31, 2015

JANUARY 2015 CONTEST !!! Win TWO FREE carded figures of a 3 inch Mumm-Ra and Anakin Skywalker !!!

This month's contest you can win TWO 3.5 inch scaled carded figures . They are a Star Wars Anakin Skywalker figure and a ThunderCats Mumm-Ra figure , based on his mummy form . Anakin looks kind of animated . Here are pics of the figures that YOU can win .

Now this month's TRIVIA QUESTION involves three different answers for three different pics.
                                          Here's the  TRIVIA   QUESTION   
( 1 ) Give the names of the figures / characters each set of feet and ankles belong to . Also what are the names of the toy series for each pic ? 

You have 30 days to come up with the correct answers . Contest expires March 1 , 2015 since February only has 28 days . As always the first correct answers win !!! Give your answers in the comments section below . GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!


  1. First one is DC Superheroes Bane, third is maybe DCUC Riddler. No clue who the second one is, so I will guess DCUC Nightwing.

  2. Two out of three are correct . Must get all three to win .

  3. Not sure about this one but I look back and counted the previous contests and I see that I am the ACTION FIGURE CHAMPION !!! from the contest announced in September .

  4. That you are . I've noticed too. You will be awarded 40 dollars later this month . I got a lot of expenses early this month but will be more free later .

  5. 1 DC Superheroes Bane 2 The Dark Knight Rises Bane 3 DC Universe classics Riddler

  6. Congratulations Bro Midnight that is correct . Toys will be mailed next week.