Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ACTION FIGURE IMAGERY !!! A look at what may be ahead for 2015 !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!! I hope 2015 ends up being a great year for you all, not just in the toy world , but life in general . But since this is a toy website, here's a New Year's day Tribute to what us collectors can or may expect in the world of toys this year . In no particular order .

( 1 ) MASTERS  OF  THE  UNIVERSE  CLASSICS - This is the year that this line will finally complete all of the vintage figures from the 1980s according to Mattel . Lizard Man will arrive later this month . Plus we may see a new subscription for 2016 later in the year .

( 2 ) SIX  INCH  G.I. JOE FIGURES ??? - We've been hearing rumors of a possible 6" Joe line last year, but are the rumors true ? If they are 2015 could be the year 6" Joes actually happen .

( 3 ) THIS YEAR'S COMIC CONS - I can't wait to see what the 2015 comic conventions will bring . Starting with the New York Toy Fair , then the San Diego Comic Con and the New York Comic Con.

( 4 ) MORE COOL STUFF ONE THE WAY FROM JAKKS PACIFIC ??? - The reason I make notation of Jakks is because this is the company that Scott" Toy Guru " Neitlich now works for . If you head on over to the message boards, you'll find this out . Let's hope Scott can do some things just as good with Jakks as he did as Brand Manager over the Masters of the Universe Classics line from when he was at Mattel .

( 5 ) NEW  STUFF  FROM TODAY"S CURRENT HOT TOY LINES - Finally , I'm looking forward to more goodies this year from these toy lines - ( a ) Masters of the Universe Classics ( b ) WWE Mattel ( c ) Marvel Legends ( d ) World of Nintendo  ( e ) Stars Wars Black Series 6" version .

That's it for now . As you can see this article is a little different from others , because it is just all words and no pictures . Again let's hope for a great 2015 and Happy New Year once more and may God bless you all !!!