Sunday, August 17, 2014


Similar to the last post involving MOTU , this post is a collection of ads of action figures from movie franchises . I've scanned all of these out of my old Toyfare magazines for your enjoyment . Just take a look at all of the action figures that have come out over the years based on movies. You may see some toy lines you never knew existed . Also there may be some lines you may have forgotten about altogether, so this post can refresh your memory. ( NOTE ) There are a lot of ads, so give your web browser time to load all of the pictures so that you don't end up receiving a big red x in place of a picture .

There you go . I'm a big action figure fan and collector just like you are, and even I noticed a lot of stuff that I missed out on over the years. It's kind of a 50 / 50 split on my part. By that I mean there's a lot of stuff shown that I already knew about or own but at the same time there's also a lot of stuff I never knew existed until I saw these ads. Also as you can see not only are movie action figures advertised, but also busts and statues. I hope you enjoyed this post . Thank God for advertisements. If not for advertising there would be a whole lot of stuff we never knew existed . Not just toys .

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