Sunday, September 14, 2014

WIN MONEY BY becoming the first ever ACTION FIGURE CHAMPION !!! WIN $ 40.00 dollars in January 2015 !!!

What is an Action Figure Champion you might ask ? It's just a fun term I came up with being creative with my monthly action figure contests. Here's how it works. Who ever wins the most contests by the end of this year, is claimed as the Action Figure Champion . When January 2015 arrives , forty dollars will be awarded to the winner in that month .
All  you have to do is win more contests than anybody else. Simple as that. Whoever wins the most monthly contests is the winner titled ACTION FIGURE CHAMPION !!! Currently at the time of this writing there are two members of this blog that are tied with winning two contests a piece . If both fans end up being tied at the end of the year, they both must complete a tie breaker via Trivia questions if it comes down to a tied situation. If not then the winner is awarded prize money .
                                So keep trying to win as many contests as you can . The
more contests that you win over everyone else, the better your chances of winning this ....................
Being an Action Figure Champion has it's benefits. Instead of me deciding which toy you can win in the regular monthly contests, you can spend the forty on any figure you want of your choosing. Or anything your heart desires for that matter .
                  However if you win just let me know HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE PAID ?
I'm accepting only the following methods of payment to the winner .

( 1 ) A CASHIER'S CHECK to be sent to the winner .  OR
( 2 ) Payment via PAYPAL to the winner .  OR
( 3 ) I can wire the money to you through WESTERN UNION .

Only one of the above mentioned three methods will be used to pay the winner . YOU decide how you want to be paid.There will be NO personal checks sent or cash . As we all know sending cash is too risky in this day and age. Now that I got that bit of information clear GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE  AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!