Saturday, February 20, 2016

A look at recent purchases that have not been reviewed .

This particular article is a look at what I have purchased over the past two months that have not been reviewed yet . Some of these figures were purchased in December of last year, others this January . You'll even see a couple of figures I had in my Walmart lay-away from last year , which are Hellcat and Megatron . The reason I have not reviewed these figures is because I have not had the free time  because of extra hours on the job, so when I return home I am too tired to write because writing these reviews is time consuming . Also I am working on a super hero comic book and that takes up a lot of my time too . So here is a look at recent purchases that have not been reviewed .
I purchased this Hulk Hogan figure this past January . He is one of my favorite WWE Mattel figures. The only negative thing I have to say about this figure is that his bandana does not come off . It is sculpted onto his head . Other than that he is a perfect action figure .

What a fun action figure this Doink the Clown is !!! He comes with some nice accessories , three wig pieces and a mop bucket/pail . Plus he's very colorful with bright vivid colors . If you have kids your children may like this figure just for the bright vivid colors alone . I purchased Doink back in January .

Hellcat was part of my Walmart 2015 lay-away that I had promised that I would review over the lay-away but never got around to it . My only complaint about her is that it's kind of challenging to get her to stand , despite having no heels and being flat-footed.

This Combiner Wars Megatron was also part of my Walmart 2015 lay-away . I am very pleased to add him to my collection , mainly because he resembles himself from the 1980s Transformers cartoon .

Finally I purchased this Chameleon figure back in January . I love this purchase  for several reasons. This is his first figure as a Marvel Legend, plus he comes with two extra heads of different characters , J . Jonah Jameson and the villain known as Hammerhead . This gives you the option of wanting to buy an extra Chameleon or two to complete the characters .
That's it for now. I may or may not give a FULL REVIEW to a couple of these figures soon . If not I may go to a new format similar to this one, where I give a quick summary over four or five figures in one article .