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Star Wars Black Series - General Veers Review !!!

General Veers, a character whose first appearance was in the Empire Strikes Back , leading the At-At Walkers into battle . I purchased this Walgreens Exclusive figure of Veers at a local Walgreens for the price of $ 19.99 .
Before moving on to the General Veers review , a shout out to Stan " The Man" Lee , the real life Marvel Legend . May God bless him as his legacy lives on through the continuation of the comics and all of his Marvel creations through movies, toys,etc. Plus Stan Lee does indeed have a connection to the toy world and not just the comic book world. If not for Stan Lee there would probably be NO Marvel Legends . Plus he has his own Marvel Legend figure along with his likeness as the Standor character for the Masters of the Universe Classics line . Now back to the General Veers Review .

If you are having difficulty seeing the bio it says " A cool and efficient officer, General Veers led the Imperial assault on Hoth, marching his At-At Walkers across the planet's frozen plains and destroying the massive generators powering the Rebel's base's protective energy shield .

Overall General Veers is a fun figure to have because of the extra accessories but it is also a luxury to add another member of the Galactic Empire to the collection . The realistic looking face sculpts on these Star Wars Black figures are amazing now. Plus I love the facial expression on Veers face. It is a look of anger as if he is determined to win in battle as the look of a war general should be serious.
A closer look at the face of Veers. The pic does not do the figure justice as his face is detailed with age lines and wrinkles .

Veers without any of the head gear . His default hat looked so fitting onto his head had me wondering rather could his hat come off when I removed him from the packaging. However when it comes to characters with head gear in the Star Wars Black series , nine times out of ten the head gear is removable . No attached or sculpted on helmets or hats in this series unlike most other toy lines, which is a luxury .
A closer look at Veers' accessories . The two pieces of head gear and a vest armor .

A closer look at Veers with the helmet and armor . It would be great if the goggles on the helmet flipped up and down, where you can slide them up and down his face . Apparently the goggles are attached, sculpted on which is a letdown, but not enough of a letdown to be disappointed with the figure or the accessory itself . As for the armor, not only does it look cool but I like the fact that it is made of a hard plastic and not the soft rubbery type . Giving the indication that it really is armor . My only complaint about the armor is that it is difficult to get the peg inserted into the hole on the right hand side . Despite this the armor still fits nice and snug onto the figure without slippage .
Also the slip-on armor is reminiscent of the vintage 1980s Masters of the Universe figures. It definitely brought back memories of being able to slip the armors on and off the figures. Plus I think Veers is one of the few figures of this Star Wars Black line with slip-on armor . Plus Veers' pistol fits well into the holster on the right hand side of the armor . I also like the idea of the strap that holds the pistol in place ,keeping it from falling out of his holster .
The above pic is sort of inaccurate as to how tall the figure actually is . Veers is an even six inches but looks shorter in the above pic because his knees are slightly bent . I had to slightly bend his knees to make him stand properly on a paper surface .
As you can now see when laying him down against the ruler that Veers is indeed an even six inches tall . However he stands well on hard wooden surfaces .
A closer look at the back of Veers' armor . The back of the armor sorts of reminds me of a backpack , it looks great however .
General Veers is a cool action figure but like many he has his flaws . The issue with making him stand properly can be fixed by either bending his knees slightly or adjusting the foot pivots for balance. Another issue is not with the figure but with the armor . Which is it is difficult to get the peg on the armor to fit into the loophole on the right side where the holster is, but despite this the armor still can fit on pretty well as previously mentioned .
The main flaw with General Veers is what's seen in the above pic, which is his trigger finger does NOT properly fit into his pistol . This is disappointing as you can see how far out his trigger finger is away from the socket . Despite this situation you can still get him to hold the gun properly without falling out of his hand, however Hasbro must fix this problem for future figures with trigger fingers and pistols . I tried my best to get his trigger finger to fit properly into the pistol's socket to no avail .
                                                  FINAL   THOUGHTS  

( 1 ) ARTICULATION  LIMITS -   Other than limited upper head movement, the rest of the articulation is well rounded.

( 2 ) STANDING  ABILITY -  You will have to adjust his knees or foot pivots to get Veers to stand properly . Once you do this he stands well.

( 3 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  BEST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE  ? - There is quite a bit to like . He's cool looking with a realistic looking face . Cool accessories . Adding another member of The Galactic Empire to the collection . And finally there's the luxury of multiple display options . Being able to decide which headgear you want on him be it the hat or helmet, and rather you want the armor on or off is a nice luxury to have .

( 4 ) WHAT  I  LIKE  THE  LEAST  ABOUT  THIS  FIGURE ? -  The trigger finger issue I mentioned .

( 5 ) WHAT  CAN  BE  DONE  TO  IMPROVE  THE  FIGURE ? -  Fix the aforementioned trigger finger issue .

( 6 ) GRADING  SCALE  -  Because of the trigger finger situation, I give General Veers a 9.8 instead of a Perfect 10 .

( 7 ) FINAL  ANALYSIS  -  I'm looking forward to more Galactic Empire Members from this line, as it is always fun to complete teams and groups of any franchise .

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