Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Beware of Fake Figmas !!!

First off a big thanks to Bro Midnight for alerting me of this situation with Figma figures . I was unaware that people were making bootleg Figma figures.Just check the comments section of the last post of this website, the one with the Figma Tracer .

Plus you can discover this is true yourself by going to both Google and Youtube, type in the words " FAKE FIGMAS " in the search engines and you will get multiple results .

Here is a link to a Youtube video telling you how to spot Fake Figmas .

Good tips from this video and also BroMidnight . I also want to add my tip which is just purchase all of your future Figmas from online toy stores instead of Ebay . Stores such as Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth , etc . Because if it's from a store , more than likely it is legit, the real deal .

Despite this situation, there is a pro and a con . The pro is if you buy a bootleg you may spend less money than on the real thing , however the quality is not up to standards with the original .

At least we do not have this problem with other popular six inch scale lines .

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