Monday, February 10, 2014

CONTEST # 2 PRIZE - WIN a FREE DCU CLASSICS DOVE action figure from Series 20. TRIVIA QUESTION # 2 .

Win this figure for free when you give the correct answer to the Trivia question in the comments section below. You must be a member of the blog to win the figure.
This figure comes with a build a figure piece of the villain known as Nekron. She comes with his lower torso. The one negative about this figure is that if you look closely at her face she has some white scratches on it. I'm not sure how that happened .

You can see Nekron's lower body piece beneath her feet. The box you see is the actual box she'll be delivered in.
   Now on to the TRIVIA  QUESTION .
( NOTE ) I'm not looking for the name of the Toy line , but the name of the SERIES that this door comes from.
 To Join Action Figure Imagery Toy Reviews , click on the two overlapping squares across from the "Join this Site" logo. If two or more people have the same correct answer, the person with the FIRST correct answer wins the prize. Good luck to all .


  1. I'll give you guys a hint. WWE is the right franchise but Ruthless Aggression is not the correct name of the series.