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This Terrax BA( Build A Figure )  is from the first wave of The Return of Marvel Legends 2012. Hasbro took a break from the line for a while to improve on the quality of the figures. Terrax does not disappoint. Before you put him together you have the option of leaving both his armor and his loin piece off or on. Once you put him together however, the pieces are difficult to remove. I personally on the other hand never try to take my BAFs apart once I put them together. But for those of you that do you may not be able to accomplish this with Terrax.
As for Terrax's backstory he is a former herald of Galactus, and is a vicious arch rival for the Silver Surfer. Terrax is a tad bit out of scale height wise. Marvel lists him at 6"6, whereas the Silver Surfer is supposed to be 6"4. However as you can see in the comparison pic that the rivals have a huge gap in height, not just a mere 2 inches. Also in the other pic you can see that Terrax looks to be slightly over 7 inches. When he should have been just a little bit shorter, only if the collector wants the toy companies to stay true to the comics. However in my opinion this is just a minor flaw and is nothing major to complain about.

His weapon,the axe , has to be put together too as it is divided into two parts, the rod and the axe itself. It is very well detailed with circuitry parts. I think it would have been nice if Terrax had an extra pair of hands or articulated fingers, for those of us that love to pose figures with long weapons holding them with two hands. As you can see the close left fist makes it tough for him to even appear to hold the weapon with two hands.
Since comic books no longer come with Marvel Legend figures like they did back in the Toybiz days, I've put together a list of issues that feature Terrax at his best. Especially that issue with the New Warriors, Terrax totally dominated them and looked quite impressive against them. Using his powers and fighting skills to battle them. The issue with Morg is kind of like an origin story of how he obtained the axe, as it seems it really belonged to another Galactus herald, the villain known as Morg. 
The following are a few issues with a Terrax appearance that I highly recommend you purchase for your reading pleasure. Although Terrax is not on the cover of the Marvel Adventures Hulk issue, he is in the comic.

(1) ARTICULATION - My only gripes about the articulation is no upward head movement, and lack of finger articulation. Other than that he is very well articulated normally everywhere else.
(2) STANDABILITY - The figure stands well with no balance issues.
(3) WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT TERRAX ? I love the mean angry look on his face with his gritted teeth, this expression really makes him look evil. He is very well detailed and looks as if if jumped directly out of the comic book pages. 
(4) WHAT I LIKE LEAST ABOUT TERRAX ? The weapon kinds of makes his wrist top heavy for holding it in the air, making his arm a little loose in the process. However this problem can be solved by resting the base of his axe on his upper thigh, or have him hold it below his waist if you wish to pose your Terrax figure with his weapon. 
(5) WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE TO MAKE TERRAX A BETTER FIGURE ? Articulated fingers so that he can hold his axe with two hands instead of just one. Upward head movement. 
(6) GRADING SCALE - On a scale of 1-10 I give Terrax an 8.9 . The minuses being for the non articulated fingers and for the axe making his wrist and right arm just a tad bit top heavy. The lack of upper head movement is not a big issue with me however it'd be nice to have it included.
(7) FINAL ANALYSIS - Overall I am glad to add Terrax to my collection. There was a shortage of space villains and Silver Surfer rivals. The bulkiness of the figure makes it a joy to hold in your hands and is fun to pose. Once you put him together, Terrax turns out to be a great figure despite a few minor flaws. 

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